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Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Change

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If you know me well, you know that I don't like change.  One way to tell?  I hardly ever... meaning NEVER... change a room around.  Our home pretty much looks the same since the day we moved in.  The furniture... yup! it still sits in the same spot(s).
Until fairly recent.
We've had to move some around for acquiring and moving in a piano.
Or, because a certain door needs to be opened to allow for better air circulation... don't worry that is only a summer thing and I'll change it back to the way I like the room, best!, for the winter months...
But... truth is!
I don't like it.  I don't like change.
Not one bit.

Several years I while working at our local Christian bookstore as a cashier, I was asked to relocate to a different department within the store.  That change did not go over so well for me.
I remember the angst it brought to my poor little ole heart. :)
And then, while reading in Proverbs, chapter 31 I think verse 25  I read the verse that said...
She is clothed with strength and dignity... she can laugh at the days to come!

Oh really?
It was one of those verses I used to browse over..

I began praying about being just this.
Clothed with strength and dignity.
Being so at peace, that I can or could laugh at the days or changes to come!

I wrote out a prayer in the margin of my Bible, and included several different dates.  Recording there that this prayer has served me more than once when it comes to changes I find occuring in my life.

I'll include it here.

Clothe my heart, Oh Lord, with strength and dignity...
I'm so afraid of change and facing new challenges...
Allow me to feel your power, courage and strength.
To take on and go forward with new experiences.
Help me Lord to take "risks" and to enjoy each new experience...
Knowing it is a total growing process.
There will be no fear in my heart!
I can laugh at the days to come.  Amen!
:: stop ::

Taking just five minutes to write, in a community, all on the same topic or word prompt.   No pressure!  No over thinking.  No need to fear what folks will say... there is lots of encouragement to be had!
 You're welcome to join in... click the link above to read more about Five Minute Friday!!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!
Blessings to each one...of you, my readers!


  1. You know, I have never met you but I do think I know you. Well, as far as a blog will allow.
    I didn't know for sure, that change was a "bad word' but deep down, I knew.

    You did well in your 5 minutes challenge. You have grown into such an interesting and really good writer!!!

  2. Love your Five Minute Friday post on change. You sound like me. I don't move furniture or change rooms up very often, either. Only when it's a have-to thing. Have a blessed weekend!

    Your FMF Neighbor,

  3. are you better with change now? Did working in the new department end up being a good thing? Prayer is such a good thing at helping us go through hard times....

  4. I, too, tend to keep things the same. I change things up far less than most people I know… but not because I consciously don't like change, maybe because I am content with things… for the most part. But then on the other hand, I do like to change things up now and then,and get excited when it hits me that we are going to rearrange. Lately we have felt "change" coming on in our lives… haven't figured it all out yet, but we sense the Lord speaking it to us that a change is coming; its always good to be prepared in your heart to change when He says its time. Love you're prayer… I pray those things as well. Have a great weekend Bevy,

    1. I can relate to this (this comment) Pam. The things you mention of "sensing change"...and preparing for that.
      As well...agreement on the fact that I get comfortable, settled with something... and well, why change or rearrange if it's working out just fine?

      To answer someone else in their comment - have I grown in this area of change? I think I have. I met my husband. lol! He's a spontaneous one - at times - which I need and do (have come to) appreciate. :)

  5. Beautiful post. I will carry the 'She was clothed in strength and dignity' line with me in the days and months to come. Thank you.

  6. Hi Bevy! I'm new here...just popped over from the link on Kaitlin's site (Kaitlin is my sister-in-law)! I like that verse in Proverbs, such a confident thing to be able to "laugh at the days to come". Thankfully not because we have such great resources within ourselves (I come up a little dry) but because we serve such a great King! I don't always like change either so I understand your heart here :)

    1. Welcome Steph!! I feel like I know you - already... I love Kaitlin, and your Mom/MIL (?)... Anita...
      I feel like you're family... almost. Thanks for coming by.. and you're so right... it is nothing that we have within ourselves... but it is because of WHOM we serve. Love that you brought this to the table. :) Enjoy your day, and you'll be back I hope?

    2. Aww thank you! :) Yes, Anita is my mom. Amazing the connections and friendships you can form through blogging, isn't it? We just had friends (made from blogging) visit for the first time from PA as they were visiting family in Quebec. And of course, when you are family in Christ it's even easier to form a friendship!


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