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Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Minute Friday:: Fill / Friday Finds :: Sit a spell!

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Looking forward to keeping on for awhile with the *new* Five Minute Friday - link up.  It's in new hands this week and for forever now, for forever how long.  :)  I thank you, Kate, for keeping it alive.  I've been enjoying adding my post(s) to the lineup... and it's been encouraging ... the feedback that comes with it.  One of the "requirements" is that your neighbor who signs up after yours needs (or, should) to come by and share a word of encouragement or at least an "hello"... as support for fellow writers out there.  It's a lot of fun!!
The call is out there!  Join in...

Today's prompt is:  fill
:: go::

If I'm not careful it would take more than 5 minutes to say what all it is that I could fill in one day.
I mean it.
I fill the coffee maker
the dishpan
the washing machine
the wash line
the dishes with food
the bathtub
the calendar
I fill time (with its demands).

These all have a reason to be filled... for various situations.
I think about how or what fills me.
God's Word
moments of joy
simple pleasures

I can't give out if I'm not filled up.
The other day we noticed this row of birds upon the neighbors wash line.

Their momentary stop in flight filled me with wonder
amazed at the kindness of God to remind me..
Filling others with presence of Jesus is so important and vital
Need it be little or a lot.
Fill the note cards...
fill the stationary..
fill the envelops...
fill the gas tank - go for a visit!
Fill someone else's heart with a smile.

Why does it take the birds to remind me?
:: stop ::

Welcome (as well)  to Friday's Finds!

Looking out the back kitchen window... we were amazed to see a whole flock of birds... just swoop down onto our neighbors wash line.  The children could hardly contain themselves as I ran for my camera...

We wondered if the birds thought the pins on the line were more of their kind; that they figured they'd stop by to, sit a spell and say hello!!  :)

Do you see it?  Doesn't the clothespin, at quick glance, remind you of of birds...and their tail feathers, etc.?
A simple pleasure like laughter with friends creates a contagious bond of affection and friendship. ~ Anonymous


Plans this weekend; How will this weekend be filled?  Does it involve stopping by for a "random" visit, to just sit a spell?  Are you ready for someone to do that to you?  Why do we hold back...?
I've been pondering this one.
I appreciated how this weeks FMF prompt was the word: fill!

Have a wonder-filled weekend!!


  1. Bevy, I loved this post! We do fill so much, don't we? Especially as wives, as mothers . . . as WOMEN. Thanks for the reminder to be intentional how I fill each aspect of my life. Especially my time. This was a beautiful post, and you have a beautiful site here. So glad I followed you on FMF so I could discover you.

    May you have a wonder-FILLED weekend as well!

    1. Thank you, Jeanne!! Nice meeting you, too!

      Off to go fill the buckets with beans and whatever else, of fresh veggie goodness, from the garden!!

    2. I just want to echo what Jeanne said above! Wonderful post, Bev, with lots to ponder! And a side note - you REALLY should send that picture off to Country Magazine!!!

  2. Bevy,
    I loved the post and the photos! Love the edits you made of your captures, truly beautiful - as beautiful as your words. I really enjoyed this!

  3. Bevy, this has been one of my most favorite posts! You had my attention from the first word. Yes, God has a way of teaching and reminding us through the very simple everyday things that we can sometimes overlook that He is in control. That He has a plan for us! That He is creator! Our Provider...and to think...He wants to use us as an extension of His love to others.. Thanks Bevy! I am going to be much more attentive to those around me.. I am canning tomatoes....I tell myself every year.. I am not going to do that...so messy... so much work and you end up with very little.. My back is hurting and I am going to sit a spell and visit blogs..and do my last day of Experiencing God...Thanks my friend..Have a great weekend! Blessings!

  4. I love this post, and I love that filling the coffee pot was first on your list. God has gentle ways of reminding us to stop and be filled. Blessings!

  5. You always make me "think" about things in a good way! Today, I will look for a way to fill someone's heart.


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