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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Within our Reach! {The Weekend Brew :: Five Minute Friday}

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Well, here we are.  It's late Sunday evening and I like "never" post on a Sunday...much less on the weekend.  But, I missed Friday's post - the link up to Five Minute Friday (which I love being a part of, by the way) and it feels so strange that I've missed as I have had a post brewing in my heart and mind all weekend with little or rather no time to get it out there.

As well, I've recently been invited to participate (when I'm able) in this particular link up as well.  The Weekend Brew - with Barbie, from My Freshly Brewed Life.  And, since I'm such a fond lover of coffee... I thought I'd take a seat with my cup of coffee (by my side) and allow 5 minutes (this is where the FMF part comes in) of my time to share some "encouragement" with you tonight.
**Disclaimer:  I am pretty tired, this evening.  This may make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  Be forewarned.  :)

My Freshly Brewed Life.

(linking with both of these, tonight!)


Are you surprised that this may be yet another laundry related post?
I read the prompt for Five Minute Friday the other day, but as I mentioned - I had little to zero time to get anything in place.
As I read the prompt word - REACH - I knew my thoughts were, at least, headed in the right direction.

I was already out to the wash line once that morning.  The sun was shining so beautiful.  And I really do have to reach up, high, to get to the highest part and beginning of my line.  As I did that... I was thinking.
Here I am - reaching up.  Grabbing hold of something.  It seems like not much to hold on to  - I mean what is a wash line.  Thin and narrow... but a straight line?  Albeit; it is attainable.

These clothes will be pinned there - for a while - stationary as they may be.  But, holding firmly onto this place in time for a short while.  Soaking up the goodness of this radiant and warming sunshine.
My prayer-life is like all of this, in a sense.  I want it to be, as it were, the article of clothing ... set in place... on this constant line of grace.  Unchanging.  This line...it's always there.  Up high, yet within reach.

Our prayer shouldn't just get thrown to the wind in hopes it'll reach heaven.
Instead, right prayers, true prayer, will hold fast in hope to the One who is within our reach.  Unchanging.  Constant.  Unending.  Always there for us.  Attainable.

A verse had come to mind... while out at the wash line that morning.

Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.  ~ Isaiah 55:3

We have to do our part.  Incline or reach toward.  He bends low and He {willingly} hears.

As well, verses from Psalm 86 - the whole chapter - (a prayer of David) speak to the surety we as believers have in Christ!
His steadfast love and abounding love...is so great!  Even the way He inclines his ear towards us...is faithful!

Now... these are promises we can pin to the line!

May you have a safe and wonderful Labor Day!
And Happy 1st day of September...to all.


  1. Our minds were somewhat similar on this one, sister. He indeed bends low.

  2. This post makes perfect sense. I love the correlation of clothing on a wash line, held firmly in place, soaking up the sunshine. And I LOVE the He bends low and inclines his ear to my prayers. Blessings!

  3. So nice to meet you "neighbor". I love that God bends to meet us where we are. (I also love line dried laundry - smells wonderful!) Following your blog now :)

  4. Isn't it wonderful how something as wonderful as Laundry on a Line can help us Reach for him...So many times do we just tend to forget he is always Reaching out to help us if only we go to him... Have a wonderful weekend .... XO

  5. mmm, good thoughts to start the week :)


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