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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Daybook in September

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FOR TODAY ~ the third Monday of September, 2014!

Outside my window... the most beautiful of weather.  Sunshine and cool breezes..

I am thinking... this line of laundry will dry in no time, in weather like we're having today!

I am thankful... for answered prayer.  I've had several prayers answered- just already this morning!! One being..the children woke up HAPPY and on their own and I hadn't even tried to get that ball rolling.  They surprised me!!  I'm very thankful...

In the kitchen... around the breakfast table this morning ...we even got to singing a few happy and joy-filled songs and sharing a verse from Nehemiah 8:10  - The JOY of the Lord, is {my} strength....

I am wearing... a cute little, dark blue cotton floral skirt with a ruffle around the edge.  Makes me feel extra somewhat pretty this morning... and a tee-shirt that doesn't really go with it... but I'm clothed. :)

I am creating... another bag for the etsy shop.  Just because!  It's a fall-looking one, in it's coloring ...

I am going... to Parent's Night - with my son and husband's Cub Scout meeting tonight!

I am wondering... how roped in - as a Mom! - am I going to get... with Scouts.

I am reading... nothing new!!  Although, the Book of James... will soon be a big focus.

I am was hoping... that my husband would be "graduated" from his schooling by this past weekend... but, not quite yet.  ((sigh!))  He just honestly did not have time to devote to the last few remaining hours it would take to wrap that up!

I am looking forward to... when that day finally comes!!  This GRADUATION Day!!  Three years (plus) of school has been a really long time..

I am learning... that I may or may not be a patient person.  It probably depends on the situation...

Around the house... as the morning has progressed, I've been closing up some of the windows and turning off ceiling fans.  How our house sits, we get such a tremendous cross-breeze and well.... needless to say, it's quite chilly!!  Beautiful, though.

I am pondering... I'm just thoroughly enjoying this quick change into the Autumn Season... One of my favorite times of year.  Particularly, in  the way the sun rises and sets....and filters its way across the room.

A favorite quote for today... a verse comes to mind.  Psalm 113:3 ~  From the rising of the sun to its setting... the name of the Lord is to be praised.
Here.  In this home.  His NAME will be praised!!
One of my favorite things... when my kids mistakenly call their sneakers...their stinkers!!  Cracks me up ... and how right they are!!  (it just happened right now ... and so it reminded me!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ladies Bible Study has started up.  We'll be meeting on Wednesday, and studying the book of James.
A Memorial Service, on Thursday, for a gentleman - who had attended our church.  He had suffered with Parkinson's Disease for over 20 years...his kids don't "know" their father without this disease...

A peek into my day...
One of those early morning moments of capturing the beauty of the way the light falls across the room..

Made up another two loaves of this, this past week... it was what's for breakfast, this morning!  Along with some leftover baked oatmeal...

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked Pumpkin Bread...


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  1. Hi! I am here visiting from the Simple Woman's Blog...that pumpkin bread looks delicious. I love the name stinker=sneakers....cute!

  2. Bevy, Sounds like you had a wonderful start to a wonderful week... and Yes Fall Baking... yummy... I love the smells of fall and all its goodies... even though I will have to watch more so this year, but a little taste of Pumpkin Bread is a must... Fall Blessings my friend... XO

  3. Mmmmm...pumpkin bread! It looks so awesome, Bevy. Praying that graduation day comes soon for your hubby...for it really does entail the entire family. Hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Great way to start the week, content!

  5. I think I can smell that pumpkin bread..... yummy! Your Monday sounds like you have accomplished much...... We are having great weather here too. I love to open my windows and allow the breeze to flow through... just the perfect touch of sun and cool breeze to make the house temps perfect.. have a great day! Blessings!

  6. Now you have me wanting pumpkin bread. I'm going to have to bake some. I love the picture of your kitchen with the sun and shadows. It looks so cozy.

    We studied James last year in my Bible study. Great book. So much in it. I know you'll enjoy the study.

  7. Loved hearing your thoughts and your day. Look forward to seeing your latest bag…. they are all so pretty. The Oatmeal bread sounds delicious. Your children's nickname for the tennis shoes is perfect; and made me laugh. Have a great week.

  8. That bread is calling my name this stormy morning.... Delicious!

  9. Good morning! Thank you for sharing your sweet reflections with us ;) And there is nothing like autumn baking to get the season started! Have a wonderful week Bevy!


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