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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blessing in little ways

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Thought I'd show you a few photos of the flower beds as they were over the summer.  
In fact, the girls and I picked a nice bouquet of the Zinnias yesterday and we commented on how this may be one of the very last bouquets, if not the last of these beauts.

I'm okay with that.  Well, a little sad... because we've had a great summer - temp wise!  However, I love these cooler temps.  The ones that stay around longer in the morning and come on strong, again, as soon as the sun goes down...
Great sleeping weather!!  I say.

This morning found me filling the bird feeder, pulling some weeds, as well as, the finished out string bean plants.  We've had some little critter-friend eat off most of the beans and plants - I felt bad removing his lunch - but the plants were really ugly looking and not yielding anything productive, for us that is, anymore... and, so out they went.

I did, upon opening the front door, this morning, about trip over a cardboard box filled with a couple dozen ear of corn and a passel of green peppers.  They must have come from the garden (up at my Aunt's place) via my mom, and in turn, via my brother, who lives next door... 

The harvest is still coming in!!!

Speaking of my brother... he found someone willing to take the Impatiens plant off my hands.
It was gifted to us by the friends who moved recently - out of state.  The trouble I was having, in keeping this plant, was the varying temps, out on our front porch... of either too much sun and therefore heat and or too cold of temps at night.  I really have no ideal place to keep the plant, indoors, over winter and well... it too needed to go, if it had any plans to stay alive.
I can do geraniums - over winter ... but not much else.

Blessings in little ways...

While I was outdoors this morning... I was pondering.

This morning was a rough start for my son.
And, we have been having these sorts of days, intermittently.  One day he'll bounce right out of bed, happy and singing and other days... not so fast.  He's still so tired.  And, the words start flying... he's grumpy.  And "he doesn't want to go to school".  He wants to stay home and be with mom...
So, begins the heart-conversations and the pulling out of what's going on inside...

It's not always easy.

A friend and I were talking about it a bit yesterday and she gave me a really good perspective to think about.
She shared... It's better that he gives a rough time - saying he doesn't want to leave, than to have it the other way around - wishing he could have .... on his own... weeks ago.  Or, even going so far as to making that happen.  Oh - that rips my heart to ever think of that as a possibility.  And, I know for so many that is a sad reality..

I'm feeling the sting of that independence; its tension... I guess.   He'll still walk with me and want to hold my hand.. but the hugs and kisses, initiated by him, at the time of us leaving each others company and parting ways for the day are getting fewer and fewer.  He's growing up.  
In part of the dialogue, this morning, I was semi-teasing him this morning; asking, of what happened to my little guy who used to love VeggieTales and Thomas the Tank Engine...
Oh, he still likes them ... but he's moving on...to other things.  Like Star Wars, etc...?  So, he says.
How do I pair this conversation and happenings with my growing son, from this morning, with the previous of gardening and flower beds...?

I found this quote the other day that speaks volumes...

A man's children
and his garden
both reflect the
amount of weeding
done during the
growing season.
~ unknown

How is that for a sobering thought to ponder?

Especially when I show the reality of my garden..as it stands today!

If the above quote is true... then I've let things slide... somewhere along the line.

Alfred Austin (1835-1913) doesn't mince words when he says,
"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are."


I realize the only real way to water/tend to a hearty and productive garden is through sweat and tears.

"... such gardens are not made by singing: 'Oh, how beautiful! and sitting in the shade.' "
~ Rudyard Kipling

I hope you hear my heart through this post today.  Do you see the blessings come in little ways?
They come as gentle reminders...
Parenting and gardening are both hard work!

That's why I left this one ugly bloom in the bouquet as my gentle reminder...

I want to leave you with several verses which I take great comfort in.  Found in Galatians chapter 6, verses 7-9.

 Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows.
The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.
  Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.


  1. Dear Sweet Bevy, reading your post just now brought back to my memory a few summers ago when our grandson visited. He'd always been Grandma's boy...we did so many things together during his week or two that he visited with us in the summer. And then came that summer when it was like pulling teeth to have conversation with me. He could walk into the next room where Grandpa was and the conversation was so fun...he became that chatter box again. Yes...they do change as they grow and mature. I now see the blessings in it all...and I love the quotes you've shared and the little messages the Lord has sent you along the way. YOU are a blessing to me!

    Oh...and I admire you that you can keep geraniums over winter!

  2. What a heart touching post... the flowers are lovely, and oh the box of goodies... a blessing indeed...
    It sure does tug on a mama's heart when they don't want to go to school and just be home.. and Bevy so ya know, as they grow up there will still be times that they miss home and their mama... my son Colton, has had those moments recently... I could tell something wasnt right in his voice one day and I asked if he was ok, his statement to me was Mom I just miss home and you... and he is 22...and married... what I would give to have him back in his bed and know that I could look in on him and see he was ok... and I feel that when you or us as mama's create a loving environment and a safe haven they will always miss home and their family... even when they are married... Hope Caleb had a good day... love, hugs, and prayers... hope your leg is better....

  3. That's one of my favorite scriptures… and one that I have to quote to myself on various occasions in order to keep on keeping on. Also, love the quote about the how "a man's garden and his children both reflect the amount of weeding in the growing season.." very good. I think I would love to make that into a plaque. It is definitely good to have a reminder that it all requires work. Yes, it does.
    Have a great week end.


  4. Oh, how I sense your pondering!
    What I do know is, that you are a great mother. You listen to your children and understand.
    ~Proverbs 31: 28~
    Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:"

  5. Beautiful flowers and wonderful quotes!


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