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Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Because...

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Today is Five Minute Friday...and the prompt for today is: Because.  Thank you, for reading along!!

:: go ::
Because it matters... I daily tend to the small things.
I look around the room.
It's crazy.
Needs attention.. bad.

There's this bouquet; this one...
One where in the original picking I intentionally left one rumpled flower to keep in mind the gentle reminder...

Now, it too needs attention.  Bad.

I remove most of the ugly and there it sat.
Soon, even more ugly piled high around it.  Dishes of the day! Dirty and dried on...

I intentionally left the bouquet sit there... not the dishes... for the week.

For a reason...


In the midst of all the busy and the ordinary and the chaos and the ugly.. there needs to be a reminder of constant grace.

A vase of flowers, even though there ain't much left of them in and of themselves... they provided for me a reminder, still, to always see the beauty in hard times and places.

Today - a new and fresh cut vase of flowers stands proud!

:: stop ::

Cherish the plain and ordinary of today! - Kelli S.
Taking just 5 minutes...
Joining up with Kate and this lovely Five Minute Friday community!

Click the links for further details on how you can join in, as well.

May you have a blessed last weekend of September!


  1. So Good, so,so GOOD...... wonderful reminder... Have a wonderful weekend... suppose to be HOT here in Ky... we did however have a taste of fall this past week... :) hugs...

  2. Your bouquet has been thoroughly used to show His Grace--and I love that. :)

  3. What a great reminder that God's beauty and grace is there in the midst of chaos. I think I need a bouquet in my kitchen.

    1. It's amazing what the difference it's made... truth is... I wasn't trying that out for an experiment or anything.. it just happened. No matter how many times I would notice the dirty dishes *until I got to them* - the more I saw the bouquet... rising right up there in the middle of it all...with a "smile".

  4. What would we do with out happy little zinnias to fill our jars?!
    I love yours!

    I know it's not Friday. But I wanted to wish you a Happy Monday and a beautiful week.
    It's Autumn! Yay!



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