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Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Hold

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Joining up with this lovely community today, taking five minutes and writing on one word.  You're welcome to join in and do the same.  See link for details...

Today's word is HOLD.

Oh the things we hold.  And, how we hold..
Things hold us!

We hold our gaze.  Hold hands.
Hold that thought.
Hold conversations.
Hold the phone! ... is an expression we use sometimes.
We say:  Hold me!
Hold on!
Here, hold this...or that...
Anchors hold.

We hold on to memories
We dream and we hold on.
Sometimes what we hold dear - escapes.  Out of our control.

We let fear have a hold.
Our past.

What about our future?
We hold out in hope; patient and sure.
If we can only hold out financially... we say... but isn't that a fleeting maybe?

There is always a connection... in the hold.

We hold fast.
Or, loose.

Sometimes its okay to let go ...

There can be a stronghold and then there is a strong hold.

It's careful.  Deliberate.  Confident. Steady.
Do you feel the difference?


Oh LOVE, that will not let me go!

Fun story behind the photo...
This was taken last winter - sometime.
Two words!
Big. Mouse.

Which caused an "Up on the table" reaction...for both of these two.
A tear.
A fear.
A hold.

Gotta love the moment!

I don't have a photo of it... but my middle child was down on the floor looking eye-to-eye with this certain Mr. Brown.
He was a big fella...if I recall.  I think he was the one I stepped on...
But that is another story in and of itself.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Amen to this, nodded the whole way through. Beautiful writing.

  2. What beautiful thoughts (and it only took you 5 minutes to write!!!)... There is a difference between the types of holds... Thank you for sharing this... I can tend to hold on too tight... especially with my loved ones. I think holding on to prayer for them would be better!

  3. Good post Bevy... and so true... love the pic, and I would have been on the table with them... Have a wonderful Friday... XO

  4. "We hold on to memories"...and hold on we do, for they are the medicine we need sometime down the road.

    Love that picture in today's post...with or without the story! But the story makes it even more precious.

  5. "There can be a stronghold and then there is a strong hold." mm, yes. a joy to stop by today :)

  6. Don't forget we need to or should hold fast to the Promises of God...


  7. So many ways we use the word hold! And the most important is that He holds us in the palm of His hand!


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