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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Standing by my man...

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Good Day, dear friends!  
It was a rainy and gray start first thing this morning... but we're determined to not let it stay that way within our hearts.  Wonderful, because here comes the sun!!
Just in time to hang the laundry for the day!

I love seeing water-droplets...glittering in the sunshine.
Having it rain all night, last night, was wonderful!!

I wanted to fill you in a little bit with what I've, what we've, been up to the past couple of  days.

If you've been reading here at Treasured Up and Pondered for any length of time you know that our son - Caleb- is in Cub Scouts.
My husband has just recently become the Pack's Cubmaster.

 Here we go!!  Scout season is ramping up once more...and so, you know what that means.
This man will be BUSY!!!  
Until at least sometime mid-November where things will start to level out and become a bit more manageable..

My husband is also in full-time employment.
In full-time school.
A husband.
A father.
He wears a lot of hats.  Yes! even a hunting cap...
and, hunting season...well, that is coming up too. :)

The school side of things is almost over.  He has the final class (his Capstone Project) to tweak and uhmm...well, let's just say, about 30 hours worth of doing that..tweaking!
And, pretty much, we can say College will be behind us!  Graduation here we come!
 Wherein I for one, am over-the-top exuberant...I hope you can all read that in between the lines.  Hallelujah! 
You can start clapping away - if you'd like!!
With the Scout side of things.  This may mean more than several weekends away - for camping, etc.  And even more so with and for training purposes.  It sounds like October is going to be full of this...this being away from home, etc.
One of those said weekends was this past weekend.  

First off, Scott  had asked me if I would give him a hand, in a couple of areas.
Sure!  Standing by my man. ;) is my plan...

The weekend, I speak of, was where Scott left the house about 6:30 AM and I began playing the "single-mom" role; as well as working on a project for Scott.

A presentation board.


 Basically, over the weekend, I had to find the time to fine-tune the details... for a presentation board for the upcoming Recruitment night.
 Which happened to be last evening..by the way.
For this Recruitment Night event..I, in the planning, had also volunteered my baking skills in the refreshment department.   
My suggestion was for that "home-baked", cozy feeling... making everyone feel "at home" and comfortable.

Well.  He took me up on it!  :)

Track with me here..please!  I'm switching gears and backing up a bit, in the story..for a mere second.

My husband came home from this required training weekend, Sunday evening, pretty tired and exhausted... and still he had a full plate of working out all the details, etc. for Recruitment night - Monday night.  Meaning, doing a dry-run setup and what have you.  A rehearsal of sorts.

While attempting to keep the kiddos out of his hair, as he was trying to get his stuff together to turn right around and leave again for the evening...I injured myself, trying to show Aubrey - our six year old - how to master the jump rope.  Yeah!!  Needless to say, I didn't even get the full swing of the jump completed.  I wasn't even trying to do anything fancy... just a little one-foot - skip- hop thing  (maybe that was the fancy version instead of the two-footed hop, anyway...) and like I said before, before I could complete that action - I heard and felt this horrendously loud snap in my right leg lower calf (the same leg where I had had surgery about a year and a half ago)...and immediately, I was into a leg-cramp situation and poor Scott - he's trying to leave to go and do what he needs to do and here I stand - in pain - not sure what to do...not wanting to stall him or worry him...I didn't say much.  His suggestion of
"Walking it off "... wasn't going to be an option.  At least not fully... I tried though.

I tell you all that to say... I wasn't so sure I could pull off my "volunteering for baking cookies" the following evening... and,
while I am pretty sure I tore a muscle or ligament somewhere... I can tell you as of today, it's better than I expected.  I'm just doing my best to stay off of it.  Keep it elevated and have applied ice a time or two.  It's already settling out.

After a fitful Sunday night and unsure of what to expect the following day.  Here was Monday!
Here,  I had volunteered all this cookie baking...for later in the evening.
I had laundry to do.
A household to run...

Without me asking, Scott decided to work from home on Monday..
Taking Aubrey to school, for me, and lugging laundry baskets down the stairs... rescuing a toddler in the potty-training stage so that I could rest this leg..
all while being signed in for work!!

I'm thankful for my husband.  As well as, for my brother and his girlfriend; coming over and watching the girls for us...
for the evening...
because yes! I did go and bake all those cookies.
Baking somewhere in the ballpark of about 15 dozen cookies.
I had pre-made the dough, earlier in the week; scooped them out and had them frozen ahead of time.
So, it was a matter of just plunking frozen dough balls out onto trays.

Those cookies are GONE!!  Every. single. one. of. them!!
Thoroughly, a HUGE hit!

The black thought-bubble is chalkboard paint and a message was written in, with chalk, at last minute...

My greatest joy, however - was standing in the back of the room...(albeit to say; hobbling around in the church's kitchen - where the Recruitment event was held...) and hearing my husband say and do his thing...  (This was his first big thing as Cubmaster!)  Wow!!
Seeing how hard he has worked and how much he has been praying and continues to pray; leaving the rest up to the Lord, in his efforts.  Just hearing the praises and compliments from the other guys in the Leadership of the Pack, as well as parents - coming up to me to say how much Scott means to them or how grateful they are for his service to them!!

I have never been more proud to be his wife!

Thankful that as I stand by him - he is by my side, as well.  As it should be!!  
Again, I'm so grateful...

The phone just rang...
 He was calling to check in on me; seeing how my leg is faring so far, today!

Just taking it slow...is my response.
I'll be fine!

Now, I can't leave this post without showing you another photo...

Our creative little six year old thought Mom & Dad needed some "face-time" after this weekend.
What do you think??

Another question...
Should I leave the faces or erase...?  Thankfully, it was done in pencil...


  1. Whew!
    That was an exciting post!
    Scott is about to be graduating is HUGE! Yes, I was clapping, along with jumping up and down, cheering.

    Your leg????? Oh my! Dozens of Cookies!!!! Oh MY!!

    I had a verse going through my head while reading your post.
    Philippians 4:13 , " I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

    By serving God , you serving Scott and your family!
    Well done!

  2. Your poor Willow Tree people! I'm not so sure I would have handled it as well as you! I say you've gotten the picture so now erase it :)

  3. Wow, such a busy time for you... but when a couple works together things go better... and I have to agree with Mitzi.... erase it... I love Willow Tree...Hope you leg gets better... will be praying for all of you... Bless you girly... XO

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have men in our lives that contribute so much to their families! So great to hear this. I can totally relate to him on the school part as an adult and juggling everything else. I've been there and it's tough. Loved the cub board, awesome job! Hope you are doing better!! Have a lovely evening!



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