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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Last of the Summer...

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This is the very last of the Queen Anne's Lace ~ for the summer!
~ Diana, Anne of Green Gables

Just a few Queen Anne stragglers here by the fence row.  Pair these up with a gorgeous late afternoon and the company of a few cows...

It made for a fun photo shoot - with my little GUESS WHO??

This Sweet Little Miss had gotten a hold of my camera and before I knew it... (ahem!) I found a few lovelies (see above) had been snapped away... 

** For the record, I don't normally kneel there by the fence row... it was, mind you, for the sake of capturing the first grouping of photos. :)  Aubrey just happened to take a photo of me working to get myself up off the ground.   What we do for a few fun photos. It's crazy. ;) You know??

I turned the camera back on her as she handed off a few of the corn husks to the cows!

Truthfully, it's probably the last of our sweet corn for the summer, as well!
At least, from our garden supply..

Can you tell what we had for dinner that evening?  YUMM!!


  1. That girl - she`s got a keen eye!!! You both have AMAZING photos here!!!!!!!!!!! I love so many of them!!! That last one you took (in the first group) is my favourite one that you took and the super close up selfie of Aubrey is my fav of hers!!

    This summer slipped by so fast....when I was reading this I realized that I only had corn twice this summer...neither times it was particularly good...I`m so bummed now! Wow....honestly, where has the time gone!!!

  2. You may have a future photographer there Bevy, and she is a Beauty... Love the nature photos and love the COW... and a sweet photo of you... Have a wonderful weekend... Bless you friend...

  3. I love Queen Anne's lace, and loved your pictures. They were just beautiful. Your daughter is as cute as a bug. Summer went by quickly, and I feel the crispness in the air here in Colorado. It was nice to have a last look at the Queen Anne's lace. Have a great week end.

  4. And she did a great job! Love these photos, especially with you in one:-). All these photos tell me too that yes, it is the end of summer:-)


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