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Friday, October 10, 2014

{day 10} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: emotion

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:: emotion ::

If you only knew the backstory to this photo, you'd smile too, like I have.  I love it, because this photo of my two girls show the emotion from their little hearts and it came right out on to their heart-shaped faces.

(Okay, I'll tell the backstory to you - briefly!)

A small tussle had broken out mere moments before this photo was taken.  One pulled one way and one pulled the other; a bit of a tug-o-war over an already tattered book at the Doctor's office.
Suffice it to say though the book wasn't in the best condition, in the first place.  Neither should my children have been "fighting" over said book... period!

Can you tell... the look on their faces show that slight emotion of, "Oh no!, What have we done... perhaps sprinkle in some fear...?  Perhaps, influenced by me; Mom!

Thankfully, the Doctor was good natured, because when we shared with her a joke regarding the book, that we had come up with - alongside of our sincere apologies - she thought it was hilarious...
our apologies were accepted and we moved on.

((The joke:  Q. Why did the book have to see the Doctor?  A. Because it broke it's spine.))

Recently, I myself have been flipping pages of another book, entitled: Family Fragrance by J.Otis and Gail Ledbetter.

I want to pull two quotes from the book to round out the post for the evening.  I share them because they evict both conviction and emotion from me...at the same time!

A child who hears love in his parent's words feels tethered to family, which is a secure position from where they can discover the rest of the world.

Speak with more emotion than seems needed to make sure those you love know your deep feelings for them.

 Participating in:  31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/ Photography Challenge.

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  1. Emotions sure have been running wild with myself lately.. Maybe its the change of seasons, or just a simple mom missing her sweet son... this so struck me in the heart... Love and cherish those sweet children Bevy, they will be grown before you know it... Loved the Quotes.... love you friend..

  2. Lovely picture, Bevy. It reminds me of an illustration in an old book. The expressions on their faces are priceless.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH!!!! That's a great joke!! And you made it up on the spot!! Way to go mom!!!!!

    Lovely, emotion filled photo!! I think you really captured today's prompt!!!

    Oh and those are great quotes - I really like the first one!!!


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