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Sunday, October 12, 2014

{day 12} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: On the table

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:: on the table ::

Doesn't that mean - I'm to keep it real?  When we say, "Okay.  Lay it all out on the table"...???
In my case, it's those best laid plans and intentions (tablescapes?) that get trumped on a daily basis. 

Someone asked me one time...
How do you keep pretties around when you have Littles in the house?

It's been tough, over the years!


Mostly, they've won.

But...in reality?

We've learned to work together.  They with me and I with them.

I found a quote that speaks volumes to me... probably putting it into words far better then I ever could.

Sweeter Every Day
If I live by the human equivalents of grace, love, forgiveness and faith with those who occupy space in my life, thinking more of belonging than of owning, seeking to maintain the relationship as a matter of supreme importance, those relationships will never grow "stale" but sweeter every day.
~ Sandra W. Hoover

Now...that my friend... this outlook, is really what I want on my table.


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  1. I like the peek onto your table! Pretty flowers...what's their story???

    1. I think they were part of a larger bouquet of flowers given to us by our church (from off the stage during a morning service - something they do for birthdays and anniversaries, etc.) I like to pull out the roses and dry them... just to have them around longer... hence the "pretties"... though, honestly, they really are on their last leg. Lots of dried petals... in the bowl underneath. Thanks to my Jayne for pulling off petals too early. :)

  2. Thinking more of belonging than of owning...Such great words Bevy... I agree. It's good though that you also teach your family to appreciate and take care of those pretty things you dare put out. That is a great life lesson for them as well, since they also know those things do not mean nearly as much as they themselves do to you.

    Thanks for visiting me on my blog today. I wasn't sure I would have any blog friends left and that they might have given up on me ever posting again. I appreciate your friendship.


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