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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{day 14} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: Something you made... and GIVEAWAY!!

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While writing for 31 days on one overall theme (HOME!) and doing my best to stay within the 5 Minutes of Free Writing... each day (for the month of October), I sure do appreciate doing the photo challenge and the fact that each day's photo prompt pretty much flows with my HOME theme.
Isn't that nice?

Well, today's photo prompt is: Something you made...
Obviously, I've chosen something I've recently sewn..
Actually, I finished it up yesterday afternoon. :)

You all might know that I have my own Etsy Shop and I would say it's been feeling a bit neglected here of late.  Totally, my fault... mostly, because there hasn't been a whole lot of *new* items placed in there!

Well, in order to revive the momentum a bit.  I've decided to throw all, well... almost all of the challenge rules  and whatever to the side (meaning, this is no 5 minute post and it isn't really about HOME!) and I've decided to throw you a curveball instead.  How about a...SURPRISE!!!!


Here is the latest bag...

This Medium Classic Tote is named Roots Run Deep!
I name all of my bags (most of the items, in my shop, with a few exceptions) in order to give them distinction and personality. :)  Some have stories behind their name and reasons.. :)
Don't ask me why this is one named what it is... it was just something that came to me; something I liked.   "Roots Run Deep" is a fact; a true statement of my life.

I come with roots that run deep!
Maybe this is where the HOME Quotes and Sentiments part comes in...

Family roots...
Sewing roots...
Roots in house rules...
traditions, too!

I could share many, many more...
I'm so grateful to God for the roots that run deep in my heart and soul... 
There have been lots of storms along the way and that is when and why the roots only delve in deeper.

Don't forget who you are and where've you come from. 
 ~ F Scott Fitzgerad
It is a token of healthy and gentle characteristics, when a woman of high thoughts and accomplishments love to sew; especially as they are never more at home with their own heart than while so occupied.   
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Here are the GIVEAWAY details...
Pay close attention!  Read through carefully...

Every comment left since the beginning of the 31 days series (Home Quotes and Sentiments) and on to the end (10/31/14, 10 pm EST) ... will be included in this Giveaway!  Whoa!!

If you're a lurker... no more of that!  
Come on in and say "hello"!  I would love to meet you and would be more than happy to include you in this giveaway...at least have one chance to win, right?
Again, each comment counts as an entry!  
This is for residents of the USA and Canada only - thank you!!
BLOG comments ONLY - Facebook comments will not be included this round.  Clarification... if you're reading via facebook that is great! it's just that I hope you'll leave a comment on the blog (can be done anonymously, but please leave your name so I can know who you are..) - don't leave your comment on the facebook feed - or it won't be counted.  Any questions, feel free to ask.

I'm not going to say anymore about it.
The rest of the 31 days/5 Minute Free Write/Photo challenge will resume.. to the end of the month.
 But, on Monday, NOVEMBER 3rd! - the winner will be announced!  You do have an option to refuse the giveaway if you're not interested.   Or, you can take the bag  and pass it on to someone else - as a gift!

There will be a photo of this bag, including a link to this page, which will serve as your reminder!  That said link and photo will be located on my sidebar.
Thank you!! and, Best of Everything!

Bag details:
Made from sturdy and durable upholstery with a faux leather (solid brown) on the bottom.  The bag has handles that wear nicely over the shoulder...
The front pocket is attached with hand embroidered french knots.
The three-button combination on the front pocket is my trademark signature.

The lining is made with a vintage cotton fabric, and has one roomy pocket inside.

Care:  Spot or Dry Clean only.
Approximate size: 12"x 12"
And, with the handles, the bag would stand at about 21" tall.


Participating in:  31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/ Photography Challenge.

I'll be daily updating this link, HERE, so that you can keep up with any entries you may have missed!


  1. That bag is gorgeous!! But then, all of your bags are! Maybe you'll have more time to sew now that the planting season is coming to a close and winter will be here. Have a blessed day. <3

  2. Roots Run Deep resonated so deeply with me today... this bag is something I would use for my diabetic testing.. I have to test before every meal and at bedtime and what a more beautiful way than with a bag like this.. and with the name... because my diabetic state defintely came from my Roots/Genes more than my lifestyle or eating habits.. So maybe I will be the lucky one... if not then someone else will so privileged to carry such a beautiful bag... Loved this Bevy... Good luck to all who enter...

  3. Lovely Bevy!! I'm struggling with today's challenge - you KNOW I make all kinds of things...but nothing inspiring me for a photo, yet....

    As for the give-away - I'm going to graciously decline being entered! Since I'm co-ordinating the photo challenge side - I'm making sure to comment each day on all of the participants photos - so that would give me an awful lot of entries and though tempting...I feel that's just not fair! ;) So keep me out...THIS time!! (plus trust me...I don't need any more bags...tempting...but not needed! *wink* lol!!!)

  4. I like the title, because even your and mine do, since we are third cousins. Speaking of which, I wanted to say a hearty congrats to you and Scott, on being done with school!!!! I am so happy for all of you. I am sure it is such a relief.

    1. We are?!!?!?!?!?!?! I didn't know that... how are we third cousins...
      this is cool, to know.

      You're welcome - regarding Scott's schooling.. IT is a HUGE relief. Though, he's still so busy it's hard to notice quite yet.
      thanks!! I'll pass it on.

  5. As usual your bag is just gorgeous. You are so talented. My mom used to make tote bags and I have a few of hers that I use. She always put a pocket on the front that was made from a quilt block. As your three buttons are your logo, the quilt block was hers. Oh how much I miss my mom. Anyway, I am going to decline being in your give away. Not only to I have my mom's bags, but I just recently won a giveaway from you so I am giving others a chance.

  6. Just beautiful, Bevy! I love it! But, I am throwing my name in here as a SECOND chance for Connie! I want HER to win it! So if my name is picked, PLEASE send it to Connie for her diabetic supplies!

    thank you!


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