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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{day 15} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: a Mess

. ... ... ... .. . ... ... .... ... .... ... .. ... ... .. .. .. . .. .
Slip-slops or slippers?

I tease and ask my three year old.

She's busy.
She's a mess.
And, what a mess she's making...


Oh, some days that is all I see,
but not today.

Today I see a little girl playing creatively...
Quietly on her own.
Leaving a trail...
In her own little world!
That's a whole lot of fun to observe.

For whatever reason...
She did not want me to take a photo of her Flippers!
(too bad, so sad!)

And, I'm a mess taking it all in...

Oh, how I LOVE this girl!!

A creative mess is better than a tidy idleness. 
~ Anonymous

The little girl expects no declaration of tenderness from the doll.  She loves it, and that's all.  It is thus that we should love.  ~ De Gourmont


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  1. such a beautiful girl..... loved the flip flops

  2. I think I just love everything about this entire post!!! Most favourite part - Slip-slops! LOL!!!!

  3. She IS adorable! And I love her flip flops!


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