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Monday, October 20, 2014

{day 20} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: 4 o'clock!

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:: 4 o'clock ::

I cringed when I read the time- prompt!
Four o'clock - assuming, it's afternoon!!

It's that crazy hour.
The one that seems to be the one that flies by the fastest... and I never can keep up... nor, am I ever ready for it.

Oh but, I've been waiting...
Everyone's home from school, at this hour.  Everybody's hungry.  Supper is only an hour or two away.  Oh, that's right... it's time to start prepping and making something for dinner- if it hasn't been started already by now.

Everybody needs something right NOW... at the same time... as in like, two minutes ago!

There is homework to wrangle through...
Clothes to change out of and in to...
Squabbles to settle...attitudes to adjust.  Mine.
It's a rush...
And I can't rush time, and I can't go back.


Sorry to say, I'm not always on my best behavior - at the Four o'clock hour... and I worry how to make the most of my time, And, just how exactly to make the home-life moments count?  

That's being honest!  And I'm aiming to keep it real.


Time waits for no one...it marches on!  And, I stop!

Here is my daily song & prayer ~~

I NEED THEE, Oh I need thee. EVERY HOUR, I need thee... 
Oh, bless me now, my Saviour, I come to thee!!
And, He does,  He comes!

** Yes! for the sake of the photos, today, I moved the hands of time; moving them ahead and turning them back..

I speak it to God:  I don't want more time.  I want just enough time.  
Time to breathe deep and time to see real and time to laugh long, time to give You glory and rest deep and sing joy and just enough time in a day not to feel hounded, pressed, driven or wild to get it all done and yesterday.  ~ Ann Voskamp
I will not just live my life, 
I will not just spend my life, 
I will invest my life.
~ Helen Keller

Participating in:  31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/ Photography Challenge.
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  1. If only time could be bottled.... I go back and pour some out to be able to re-enjoy it all over.... Bless you dear girl... I remember those days... XO

  2. I like the Ann Voskamp quote!! And lovely photos!! We have great minds, you and I! They think alike!! ;) I don't mind the hub bub of that hour - but then my hubby is around to...help?! (though he wants my attention as much as the kids do!! lol!!)

  3. Just keeping it real... You do - invest your life that is. Much love!


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