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Thursday, October 23, 2014

{day 23} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: The View from Here...

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:: the View from Here ::

I've often wondered what others see when they look across the way and view our place...
I have so many photos of "out there and beyond" - but not too many from the opposite direction.

While the other two were in school today, my youngest daughter and I decided to drive into the neighboring community and take a little stroll. You see, there is this walking path - which we found - that winds around in and through the neighborhood.  We know... because we'll often see folks out for a walk or riding their bikes, etc. and so we thought we'd go and check it out.

We found a bit of a break in the finicky weather of wind and sprinkles... and headed out to see what we could see.

It was fun!
Her and I.

She didn't want to go home.  But, I did!  Not that I wasn't having a good time with my daughter - it was just that "home was calling"...

It was a bit surprising at how well we could see into our yard and it makes me wonder how does "our noise" travel across the way??  I mean.. if we hear them.. they're sure to hear us?!?!?! Right?  Oh boy...something to think about... for sure!  :)

It just didn't feel right... to be on this side of the fence.

If you know what I mean?

Home ~ a place that our feet may leave, 
but our hearts, never. ~ anonymous

Ah!  There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.  
~ Jane Austin

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  1. Oh wow, I didn't realize you guys have a big farm! Lovely! Our house is extremely close to our neighbors and in the summer with the windows open I often wonder what they can hear!! They don't have kids so my biggest worry was they would hear my toddler having his occasional outbursts and think we were beating him, hahahah.

    1. Oh, I totally "get you" on that one...
      thanks for commenting here, Steph! Good to hear from you!

  2. Beautiful.... and there is nothing like home and being with our loved ones wherever that may be. Many blessings to you and your family. Have a great weekend!


  3. Lovely pictures. Isn't strange to see our homes from a different angle than we're used to? I live in a row house and we do hear each other. Unless it is really loud, we just live with it. That's life in the big city.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful property!! Do you farm it? If so, what do you grow? My husband would drool at your outbuildings! :)

    I know what you mean about the other "side"... When we go walking, I am always intrigued by the view that the rest of the world sees on the other side of the farm... Have a lovely weekend Bevy! :)

  5. Beauty from a different perspective... I am sure it was a lovely walk and so much enjoyed... Blessings to you on this Friday morning...


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