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Sunday, October 26, 2014

{day 26} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: Listening to...

.. ... ..... ... ... .... ..... .... ..... ..... ... .. ..... . 
Listening to??

You mean...
Listening for -- right??

That is what I would like to twist this word-prompt around to say, today...
The reason... being...is that my hubby has been away all weekend - camping!
He took the two older children with him - as part of the FALL FEST Weekend with Cub Scouts!
((Aubrey, our daughter! was quite privileged, in the tagging along department, to say the least!))

I'm listening for their return and when it does... I'm sure we'll be listening to "lots of stories" and tale upon tales will be exchanged of the weekend happenings...
as Jayne and I have had a few of our own. :)

Their return, later this afternoon or evening, should look something like this...

Granted, these photos were all taken last weekend - as he had been away, camping then, too!  AND... well...even the weekend, before that!!


And then... I can't wait to sing and say - Happy Birthday to my Mr. Handsome!
Scott's Birthday is actually, today!!

Only to follow that up with our snuggling up close, my head on his chest - listening to him breathe; So sweet!   His heart beating steady with mine as we fall off asleep in each others arms!

Oh, so much to listen for...
So much to listen to!
Hopefully, our crazy will calm down -- for awhile -- here shortly!!  And, we can just be...
a family... at home!
Welcome HOME - to my two little Campers!!

{{BIG HUGS}} all around!
Don't let yourself get so busy that you miss those little but important extras in life --
the beauty of a day...
the smile of a friend...
the serenity of a quiet
moment alone.  ~ Unknown
Let your boat of life be light,
packed with only what you need
a homely home and simple pleasures, 
one or two friends worth the name,
someone to love and someone to love you...
enough to eat and enough to wear.
~ Jerome K. Jerome

Participating in:  31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/ Photography Challenge.

I'll be daily updating this link, HERE, so that you can keep up with any entries you may have missed!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!! (though we totally would have SANG it in person...just saaaying! ;) )

    I love those end quotes!! And yay for slowing down and family time- I think it's well earned...and maybe so is a road trip??? Eh?? Let some Canadian hospitality be your down time....eh?????

  2. LOVE the pictures!
    Now that is a Dad who love to camp, be with his son and loves adventure.

    Glad he's home so you can hear his beat.


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