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Friday, October 3, 2014

{day 3} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: This Happened Today

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A merry heart doeth good, like medicine... Proverbs 17:22, KJV

Gotta love that nervous toe!
:: This Happened Today ::  (*actually, errr... it was yesterday!)

It was that time ... again!
Both my girls needed and had their well-check visit today!
As we readied ourselves and found ourselves on the way...
One of them mentioned that the tummy was in knots.
Mine was too!
I was worried for a moment how it would go today.
I had heard, through the grapevine, that our well-loved & favorite doctor no longer practiced there...
Would fear and tears overcome?  Or, could it still be a "happy day" instead?

I did my best to keep the car ride upbeat and pleasant.  Fully explaining the expectations along the way... soon the knots subsided.

This was only a Well-Check!
Were things looking good?
How's the heart beating?
Can you take a deep breath?
How much have you grown?
What do you like to eat?
What are you learning...?

I was so proud of my girlies, today!!

I ask myself the Motherload question..
How am I doing, really, as the the temperature and heartbeat of the home?

Do I need a well-check, too?  

Do you?

A heart at peace gives life to the body.~ Proverbs 14:30

Better the cottage where one is merry
 than the palace where one weeps.

~Chinese Proverb


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  1. yay ladies!! But BEVY??? Yesterday's photo??? Come on! ;) hehehehe!!! And yes, I do love the nervous toe - caught my eye right away! Precious photo - that's what I like about this challenges - causes you to capture moments that might other wise slip by! Have a blessed weekend! :D


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