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Friday, October 31, 2014

{day 31} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: Whatever you Please... and GIVEAWAY WINNER, reveal!

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How to wrap up this fun and wonderfully challenging month of blogging all on the same theme?
The photo prompt for today is:
Whatever you Please...

Simple enough... and I could go in many different directions.

Ironically, like a blown away puff to a dandelion.   My thoughts are scattered.  Truth be told - my toddler snatched this very dandelion mere seconds after snapping these photos and it was gone!!

Gone with the wind...and so are my thoughts!  I want to say, though, that I really had a lot of fun with this challenge.  As, I hope you've had just as much enjoyment reading along.  I've heard from many of my readers that you did. The month of October flew by way too fast... albeit, thoroughly enjoyed, yet, I was getting tired. :)  I'm glad I hung in there...and...

Thankfully, my heart is grounded to the word HOME!

All that to say.  Questions.  There have been a few rolling around in my heart and mind and have been recently thrown my way from my nearest and dearest.
Good questions.  Questions like...

What keeps me here?
Why am I a Homemaker?
Who do I please and why?
How do I do it all?  or Not do it all...?
Priorities... what are they?

Ones that reveal truly my heart and where I stand.
I love my home, my family, my role and my calling.
But... from within this series came a revealing that the roots were running way shallower than I ever expected.  What I thought was roots really running deep... really, weren't so much.

All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.  ~ Proverb

It's time to go love - fully - on my HOME and my loved ones!

The first indication of domestic happiness is the love of one's home.  ~ Frances D. Montlosier

I'm not saying good-bye... that I know of.  Yet!
But, just for a season, I'm going to drift off into the great unknown.  Showing only a bit of myself here and there.
I do have a few plans for an occasional post or two in the month of November.

One of them being a Mugs & Muffins post.
I already have a great Guest Post and Giveaway lined up for that, which I'm very excited about.  I pray that I'll at least have one or two readers remaining... at that point. :)

I so hope you'll check in with me - from time to time. 
 I just simply would appreciate your patience and prayers...
Thank you... oh, so much!

A home is the total contribution of love on the part of each one dwelling within it. 
~ Anne Pannell

And now, for our long-awaited..


And the lovely WINNER is...

Wow.. figuring out who the winner was (by number generator) was almost as big of a challenge as was the month of challenges in and of itself.  Congratulations, Connie!!
I'll be getting this bag out to you - as soon as possible.

I had to run the numbers several times... due to the fact that it kept on landing on someone who said they wanted to pass (this round!) on the giveaway.    Blessings go out to Connie - because I know she really wanted to win this bag!


Participating in:  31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/ Photography Challenge.

I'll be daily updating this link, HERE, so that you can keep up with any entries you may have missed!


  1. Hello friend! I'm happy you stuck out the month but I too have been wondering about taking a break here...
    So I will be praying for you! Keep in touch!!!!!

    1. Kaitlin - A HUGE THANK YOU!! for getting that photography challenge going ... I really had a blast doing it....and am glad, too, that I stuck it out.

      I won't be gone forever... promise!

  2. Oh Bevy, how you have touched my heart... and I am with ya all the way no matter what you choose... and to be the winner is so grand... I will cherish it deeply... and so ya know I didnt comment alot on every post because I second thought about my comment on the one about my diabetes... It is a hard road, and I have been having a hard time, but on days that I am full of tears, stretched to the hilt, I come and read to your blog, and a few others... I love our friendship Bevy, and I will always be an Email away... and I will continue to check in with you... and will be here if needed... Praying for you and your season ahead... and most of all THANK YOU.... love and hugs Connie

    1. Oh I know Connie... you're one of the reasons that makes "parting for awhile" so hard to do. You've become a true friend and blessing along the way.

      You're very welcome - to the fact that you feel blessed reading my blog. That is such an encouragement to me. I am so tickled that you ended up being the winner... of the giveaway. And, I know you'll check in with me... you're good at that.

    2. You stay strong, and know you matter.... and remember family first.... love ya

  3. I loved this challenge, but like you need a break. I was going to do a November photo challenge also, but just can't. Have a good rest. I will be posting, but not every day. I hope you will check in with me also. I will be seeing you as you (occasionally) post and look forward to your Mugs and Muffins.

    1. Thank you, Kathy!! I will be checking in on you. too! It's been so much fun getting to know you a bit better throughout this past month. I look forward to meeting you one day - soon! And, one of these days Kaitlin will be visiting from Canada... and when that happens I'll be letting you know... perhaps we can all get together at that point. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Your absence, well,..........chokes me up!
    You will be missed!

    1. Awhhh, Christine... thank you!! I won't be gone forever. I just need a few days here and there... and like I said, I do have a post or two in mind for NOVEMBER - one of which is my usual Mugs and Muffins... hope you'll be able to "check in" with that. I'm going to need you on the other side... you're such a blessing and HUGE encouragement. I love your thoughts and prayers...

  5. I'll be waiting for you, as usual!
    Thank you for the kind words.

  6. I am so happy that Connie won the giveaway! I was hoping she would! :)

    I am sorry you will be leaving us for a while. I understand, though. I stopped writing on my little blog for almost a year. But I started writing again, and I am enjoying it, even though I am now writing to myself! ;)

    God bless you!

    P.S. I am still open if you would like to get together one day. Even if we meet up in Morgantown one day for shopping, just you and I, that would be great too! Let me know!

    1. Yes! That is neat that it turned out to be Connie - for being the winner! I was glad, too!

      About the blogging break. It's weird... and, I always fear I'm the only one who is reading anymore - that everyone has done and gone, by the wayside. I did notice that you had picked it back up again. My blogging break doesn't mean I don't visit around - :) did you see my comments? ( although, it has been a few days since I've been by...)

      I would love to get together again. Our Thanksgiving week is filling up - even though that would be a great week to try due to the fact that the kids are home from school. Let's keep in touch and we'll see what we can pull off one of these days.

      I love hearing from you!!


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