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Saturday, October 4, 2014

{day 4} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: What You Read

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:: What You Read ::


This photo does not lie...
these are often what you'll find me reading... over and over and over again.

They are the companions to my soul and unfortunately all the cookbooks I own and read did not make the frame.

I read for leisure and inspiration.  Mostly, to compare and conjure up something hopefully new.  I do not consider myself a professional.  Just a girl who enjoys the kitchen and its classics.

These books are well-loved friends; consistently offering up their advice and suggestion; daily delivering grace on that proverbial silver platter...

Tried and true or failure to succeed - they leave it up to me to discover.

The truth is..
these don't get read necessarily in a pinch.  It's more like when in a pinch and the question of what to make for dinner comes... then, therein the results are from my heart and head of something I've read.

In this house!  You'll never get the same dish twice - exactly as the recipe calls - however,  let me KEEP my cookbooks!!

Have nothing in your house 

that you do not know to be useful,  or believe to be beautiful. 

~ William Morris


Participating in: 31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/Photography Challenge
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  1. Neat! I didn't realize you read cook books for fun! I like the composition of your photo here....and again, great minds photograph alike!! (coffee and reading material all spread about making up both of our images this day!) :D

  2. Bevy, I spent probably 35 years of my life being a non reader of any type of book except Cookbooks or a Seasonal Magazine... (and they were mostly cooking or home related)... Now I love to read, I have found I go more toward inspirational, personal growth, health, and cooking books more now... and BLOGs... which have saved me on some days... something said, something shared and knowing other's have the same or close there of issues such as mine... So I am a READER now.. and I love it... I love how you said books are well loved friends... I would have to agree... Blessings from a chilly day here in Ky... (high of 55) suppose to be in the 30's tonight... Hope you are warm where you are... XO

  3. I have tons of cookbooks and often read them like a novel. So glad to know there are others like me. I'm enjoying all your photos during this challenge.

  4. I read cookbooks for fun too! I love to bring home big stacks from the library (especially newer ones with gorgeous food photography!)...I usually have big plans to try the recipes out but I forget and then the books are due back.

  5. How wonderful! But for some reason, I knew this.
    You have shown us some absolutely, wonderful , yummy's over the years.
    I say, keep reading because we ALL benefit from it.

  6. Can you believe I don't even own a cookbook! I go to Pinterest for everything. Maybe I should invest in a few, I might enjoy looking through them.

  7. I like reading cookbooks too. I especially like ones that are narrated by an author who truly loves the recipes she shares. I have a Mary Englbriet one I really like and I have some older ones that say the whole pinch of this, handful of that stuff. Even though I don't use them a lot, I like the look of them on my kitchen shelf.

  8. enjoying your series:-) And I especially like this one because I think it's so unique that you read cookbooks! I enjoyed learning this about you and why you read them. I find myself reading them from time to time. Especially the Gooseberry Patch:-) I love ones that have a story too.


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