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Monday, October 6, 2014

{day 6} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: I'm Thankful For...

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Oh my!  I'm thankful for several things... and, where do I even start?  This is hard...and, I apologize to any who have been waiting so long, so patiently,  to hear from me - here!  It's been a crazy, busy day and tomorrow will be no different.  Fair warning!

My posting got interrupted, early on this morning, with the best news ever.  And - by far - this news will outweigh anything else I write or have written, in the following hereafter...

So here goes...

My husband, Scott, passed his FINAL Thesis/Capstone Project for his schooling.  He has been working on acquiring his Bachelor's.  We submitted the Capstone Project last night and just got word this morning!!   Total shock that we would hear anything this soon.  All praise to the LORD for his sustaining grace throughout the past three years, and even longer, to be exact.  I think we're all still getting over the initial shock and the truth is still being settled in our hearts...the tears are still being wiped.  It's been an emotional day... for sure!

Moving on! Or, at least attempting to...

As I think about what I (originally) wanted to share today... I wanted to say how thankful I am for: SAFETY, SECURITY and SUSTAINABILITY!  I know that is a mouthful and a lot packed into a Five Minute Write.  But, I'm going to try...

And, there are several specific reasons as to why I want share about this.  Even from just this past weekend.  But, for time... I'm going to keep it generalized.  I know you'll understand.

This is a regular sighting, out of my kitchen window.  I took this photo for the photo challenge, and as I was preparing for this, in order to help me get my thoughts across..and it turned into two photos. I'll explain...

I don't know that my prior thoughts along with the photo prompt (What I'm Thankful For...) and what's written in my kitchen, on my little dry erase board, are of any coincidence.  I think it was providential... an intended reminder of the care God provides... for his children.

:: I'm Thankful For ::


Patrol Men...their hard work and diligence.  They are here for our safety and our security.  As I mentioned earlier - this is a pretty common scene out of my back kitchen window. Seeing a Patrol Car sitting out there.   I always wonder and watch and feel a growing sense of peace that they sit there, fairly regularly, in this "turn-around" just down from our place.  It feels like "personal protection" somehow... I mean if I needed to wave a flag out the window - with a call for help - it'd be right there.

How does this tie in with a theme for the HOME?  You may wonder... you may ask?

Well, as I was pondering this..and appreciating all that these law enforcement officers do day in and day out.  I find myself praying for them... each time I see a vehicle sitting there.  I realize their life is on the line.  They most likely, as well, have a family waiting at home for them or that need them to support.

I got to thinking how vitally important it is for us as parents, within the confines of our home(s), to do our part NOW, in training and teaching and correcting and guiding, etc., before any particular one officer or another would need to step and do that sort of "job" regarding of one my kids when they're out on their own.  If you understand what I'm saying...?

We, as Parents, have a job to do!

It's hard work.

Our lives are on the line, too - per say... towards doing our best!

This matters.

And - under whose law do we as Christians adhere to?  The law of LOVE - Jesus Christ himself.  The perfect One.

Our strength and our stability come only from Him!
He is is our shield and our defender.

I have been reading and thumbing through passages of Scripture, mostly in the Psalms where you can find so much about this... and it's rather comforting!

Within the walls of our home - we have and can build strong a sense of security.  As well, there is a sense of security within our community - as again, men are doing their jobs and doing it well.

This is where that second photo came into play.  As I was making and taking several shots... I realized what I had had written on my little dry erase board.  As you see, I have written there:  Count Your Blessings!  Again... sheer coincidence.

Well.. I do.  I count my blessings regularly...

I thank God for "Cops", for security, for safety, for strength and sustainability!

:: stop :: (I'm way over the five minute mark...)

“Where does your security lie? Is God your refuge, your hiding place, your stronghold, your shepherd, your counselor, your friend, your redeemer, your saviour, your guide? If He is, you don't need to search any further for security.”
― Elisabeth Elliot

"When you're safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home."
---  Thornton Wilder

Sometime (How about now?)  I'll have to tell you about the day when I noticed a police officer sitting down at the "turn-around" and just like that I heard a hard, rampant, serious knocking at the door.  I turned around and there was a Police Officer!

Uhhh.... yikes.
He was doing his job!  And, let's just say our young - at the time - four year old son learned a good lesson!  Never play with phones...


Participating in:  31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/ Photography Challenge.

I'll be daily updating this link, HERE, so that you can keep up with any entries you may have missed!


  1. Wonderful post Bevy! I was just talking to my gals about bring children of God and the expectations that come with that (His ways, His laws). I think you wrote out some great points here about His protection! Yes, the Psalms are good for reminding us of that!!

    Police are amazing people! We tell our kids that they, (and firemen) are REAL super heroes!!!!

    And again, CONGRATULATIONS to Scott and you and your whole family!!!!!!!!!!! Do one thing for us?? Celebrate by having coffee together!

    Love to all of you!

    1. 'being' not bringing, children of God. It's early....haven't had my coffee yet! ;)

  2. Congrats to Scott and you and the family... what a blessing for sure...
    Having a Policeman right down the road is a blessing as well... Safety and Protection... Have a blessed day... xo


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