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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{day 8} Home Quotes and Sentiments :: angle

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The best angle with which 
to approach any problem
is the TRY angle. 

How is that for motivation and encouragement right out of the chute?

Searching around for an appropriate quote or two... I found the one above and thought, really... how true!  Especially if we acquire help from the Lord...in our trying.

As a Mother, a wife, a homemaker, a friend, a sister, and neighbor...I want to do well.
I try hard.
I try and try some more.
I want to do better!
I want to do my best!
And yet... I find myself failing.
We all do.
From time to time.  Don't we?

However, without fail, I know that it's possible I try to lean on my own strength, far too often.
When clearly I can't.
Maybe I do...some days. Some times.  And, I might show a good "light" for awhile...
But, ultimately
I want the lean, the direction - angled - just so that it's obvious I'm leaning on my Saviour - for strength.

My foundation is sure.  And so should my footing.
Grounded in HIM!
But, Oh how I need to lean...

And as I lean...
May my friends and family; the folks that I rub shoulders with on a daily basis. become very familiar with the angle with which my life is intending.....to articulate.

While they see it, I want to feel it!

  One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life, to gaze
upon the beauty
of the Lord and to seek him.  ~ Psalm 27:4

 Participating in:  31 days/Five Minute Free Writes/ Photography Challenge.

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  1. Bevy, I am so enjoying your 31 Days! Today's post is SO SO good! These words..."But, ultimately
    I want the lean, the direction - angled - just so that it's obvious I'm leaning on my Saviour - for strength."...that's what I want for myself. Thank you for putting it into words for me. xo

  2. Your picture is so cool! And I love your words today. Much needed. I have enjoyed your other posts, too :) Keep going, you've done so well!

  3. Very inspiring today, Miss Bevy! Happy week ending to you!

  4. So true!! Your post and Anita's (Journey Through the Years) compliment each other nicely!! Oh and love the TRYangle quote - I coulda used that on mine!!

    I like your photo too! I think I really am just partial to angle shots!


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