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Monday, November 24, 2014

A Daybook in November

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FOR TODAY ~ the fourth Monday of November

Outside my window... its warm and rainy! The skies are full of clouds.  Yet!!  They're calling for snow later this week...

I am thinking...I haven't completed a "daybook" in a long while.  It's nice to get back into this little meme with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Blog

I am thankful... for family and friends.  That sense of community - so strong!  My husband and I were able to pull away yesterday afternoon to run some errands; do a little Christmas shopping while leaving our kids with my brother and his girlfriend.  It's nice knowing that they're safe and having FUN!

In the kitchen... coffee it is!  It's early morning, as I type... soon, the clanking of cereal bowls and clashing of spoons will be heard as each one rises.  I think the kids are still "worn out" from playing so hard yesterday...
As well.  The start of food prep for this here week of Thanksgiving and all it's gatherings, etc. 

I am wearing... (ahem!) still in my PJ's.  Remember it's still early AM.

I am creating... a card/mailing list.  No Christmas photos this year.  Just Christmas cards.  Something so nice that in recent years I've noticed how the traditional card is lost and gone by the wayside.  I've done it too.  Guilty!  But... there is something to be said for staying in touch - one way or another...
This year!  Let it be via the simple handwritten card. :)

I am going... to a couple of Parent Teacher Conferences, this week.  One for our son, Caleb, in second grade and our daughter, Aubrey, in Kindergarten.

I am wondering...just really, how this week is going to go.  The children are home from school... all week, due to those meetings and of course for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  A change for all - from routine and such.

I am reading... lots and lots of children's books here of late.  Each book we read counts for our Kindergartener's (Aubrey) reading list - to reach her 100 Books read - by a certain date.  We may have to take a run to the Library one day this week... and change out our stack of books. :)  The ones we have are due to return anyway, this week.  

I am hoping...to... finish up a few sewing projects yet this week.  Here's why...

I am looking forward to... attending a Ladies Tea, with our church, on December 6th!  And, once again, I plan to set up a table for Bags by Bevy...a sale table of various items from my etsy shop. Which, speaking of, my etsy has been getting stocked up more and more.  It's been lots of fun...getting items in place.  

I am learning...I have a lot of ambition but not always the umph to go with it.  Sometimes my priorities get a little askew.  ((gulp!!))

Around the house... the list is long of things that have to get done; should get done; want to get done.

One of my favorite things... spending a good bit of time with my hubby, yesterday - just he and I.

A few plans for the rest of the week: It's Thanksgiving Week.  Food Prep for a couple of Thanksgiving Dinners,  both Saturday and Sunday.  Company coming from TN - to spend the day with us on Friday!!  There will be some shopping, sewing and visiting... Can't wait!!

A favorite quote for today..."You get what you get and you don't get upset".  ~ Aubrey (probably learned from Kindergarten)
But - hearing her repeat that often to her siblings and yet, so quickly forgetting that bit of advice covered suggestion herself... (sigh!)  Don't we all?

I am pondering... something heard in our Sunday sermon yesterday!  In regards to living a life and speaking words of thankfulness or gratitude.  Spiritually speaking... I'm wondering if my breath stinks! Do I have bad breath?  Or, is my life exuding the sweet smell of gratitude to my Saviour? ((Colossians was the book of reference for the Sermon, yesterday!)

A peek into my day...
These were from last evening; lots of Legos.  You should have seen the floor. 

**Photos taken by my six year old, daughter.

One prayer request:

Would you so kindly pray for our youngest daughter, Jayne. She woke up feeling kinda yucky again this morning.  It appears to be another head cold.  We really don't want to go through another round of sickness - at least, this week!
Following along today, with Peggy @ The Simple Woman's Blog.

Thank you!  Until next time...


  1. I like your quote!! Praying your daughter doesn't get sick! Have a great Thanksgiving week!!!

  2. I will pray for your daughter! Have a blessed week :)

  3. I pray your daughter stays healthy. Thinking about how our spiritual breath smells is so good! I like that analogy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  4. I am the same with ambition but no energy! Have a good week. And Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Nice day out with hubby is so good... and knowing the kids are well taken care of... blessing for sure... I will keep Jayne in my prayers... this cold stuff is horrible... Happy Thanksgiving to you as well... and love the Lego pics, brings back sweet memories of my boy... He will be 23 and still loves building stuff, except now his job is similar to Legos but computer based... He is a Senior Drafter Designer for a Global Fan Company... He designs businesses with Fans in them... Loves his job... so who knows where this will take your kids... Creativity at its best...

  6. I love these sooo very much! These peeks into your day! LOVE them!! And yes, will try to remember to pray for Jayne and health for all of you!! AWWWW!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! HUBBY AND YOU TIME!!!!! Love that!!!! We did some groceries and Christmas shopping today...but had our two littlest ones in tow - though he did FINALLY take me on a date last Thursday - to that place I want to take you - a little village not far from here that sells all kinds of lovely country things!! That was a nice time. And I sent you a pm on facebook and said there what I'm about to say again here - I can NOT believe you all still have Thanksgiving to celebrate - I'm already head long into Christmas!! ;)

  7. I will be praying for your daughter. Have a bit of a sore throat myself, so that will remind me. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great time with your friends. I hope you enjoyed our very warm weather today. I hear there's snow coming Wednesday.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Bevy!!! xoxo

  9. Hope she gets to feeling better Happy Thanksgiving


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