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Friday, November 21, 2014

Notice! {five minute friday} :: Giveaway Winner reveal!

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Happy Friday - to one and all!

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is one week away!!  One of my favorite holidays...

If you're fairly new here, due to coming by with the recent Mugs and Muffins post... than you might be wondering what this Five Minute Friday is all about. Hang on for one second.  First, a great big WELCOME to you and in speaking of Mugs and Muffins... I wanted to quick to tell you...
The Giveaway winner is::  Christine G.

I'm so happy about this.  Because, If I'm not mistaken, Christine has been a regular reader; a daily encourager of my blog, for like... what seems like forever... and I don't think she has ever won anything from here.  So - congrats to you my dear blogging friend!  Finally, it has happened for you...

Christine, I really hope you feel blessed today!

**Please congratulate her when you find a minute to do so.  And Christine, if you don't mind emailing me your mailing address I'll get this out to you - ASAP!

Back to FMF!

This is where a community of very brave souls take on a challenge... with a particular word prompt... and writes their post in five minutes flat.
 No overediting.  No overthinking.  Just writing real and raw.

Today's word prompt is:: Notice!

Here is the link information, to Kate's blog, with all the how-to's, so you can join in, as well.

((Click on the button))

Just know that everyone should feel welcome to participate.  There is only but one rule.  You're simply asked to visit the person who entered before you... and encourage them.  I am so grateful for that, because, there are some days... I'm like, "whatever in the world did I just write?", lol!!,  and always, without fail, there will be a high-five or congrats coming through the back door.

Oh, it's wonderful to be encouraged!!  Isn't it??

So, here is today's prompt.
:: notice::

Ready. Set. Go.

She slipped quietly into the room, her husband by her side.
She didn't say much.
Her smile was present but faint.
This didn't quite seem like my friend.
The one who always appeared bubbly and sure!

I smiled from across the room.  She shrugged a half-grin my way...
but her eyes told of an ever-deepening depth to the layer of insecurity, I clearly sensed.
What?  I was left to wonder, throughout the meeting, if all was well.

They were fairly new to the group.  I was only getting to know these folks...
Bright lights to any room.
Encouragers themselves.
An aroma of Jesus...

I wasn't even sure my perceptions were correct.

Did I dare say anything??  Snuff out this flickering flame?
 I questioned...
 I worried.
But, later... in pulling her aside; prompting my concerns..and in drawing her out, she admitted...

She was hoping no one would notice ... but she was sure glad I did.

Me too!

:: stop::


We're looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving week ahead!  How about you?
Our children will be off of school Monday through Friday...for the Holiday, but for Parent/Teacher conferences, as well.
We have out-of-state friends coming to visit... (can't wait!)
We also have two other family get together's...
Which in turn means my kitchen will be one busy place this upcoming week! :)
We're just really looking forward to sharing this time together as a family.

We're grateful to God for his gracious, generous gifts to us!
We're so blessed!

Until next time...


  1. Congratulations Christine!!
    Enjoy your new cookbook and cozy...tis the season!
    SO happy for you!

  2. Congratulations Christine... what a blessing to win... Happy Thanksgiving Early... Connie a reader of Bevy's blog...

  3. thank you for being intentional and noticing those around you! Visiting from fmf

    1. Hello Chelsea... nice to have you stop by here!!

      Isn't this great - these rounds of encouragement. I'll be sure to check with you - at your place as well.


  4. Bevy, I've been that person who hoped no one would notice, but was so relieved to find that someone did. Thank you for sharing this story for Five Minute Friday. My favorite part of FMF is getting to discover new blogs each time I participate. Today, I'm delighted to have found yours - SO much warmth and hospitality here. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week with your friends and family!

    1. Hello Tarissa...
      I'm normally that person, too! I can't hide a darn thing though, my face tells all. And - like you - am always very glad when some does the intentional with me and often. It's a good thing. To have and be in community.

      I certainly didn't share today to toot my own horn. I just knew it was one of those stories that truly fit the bill. And, once again. I am glad I noticed.

      Thanks for coming by!!

  5. Congratulations to Christine!!! Enjoyyour tea. :)

  6. Oh My! Thank you Bevy for such a treat.


    It takes someone special to have insight and is not full of self, for seeing others who are "hurting".
    Bevy, you have that. I'm happy you spotted her and more then that, took her aside and showed her love. You have a BIG heart.
    Have a wonderful time getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    1. Oh - you're welcome Christine! Looking forward to hearing from you to be sure I have the correct mailing address. :)

      As far as the other part/half of your comment. Well.... thank you! It really wasnt' about me... and like I replied to a previous comment (up there)... I'm just glad I was what I was for the moment - for her sake. That's all...
      At the same time - I know I miss so many opportunities to be available for someone when they need it most... I just know I sure do appreciate when it is offered my way. And that has been the case - even here of late. Community is really, truly a wonderful place to be!

      Thank you for your friendship!!


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