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Friday, December 19, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Adore

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Joining HERE, again today - the last time for 2014! - as yet another brave soul to take on just five minutes of my day in sharing my thoughts.
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Little did I expect I'd write a three-part monologue...on what happened that First Holy Night in Bethlehem and thereafter... 
I just appreciate you reading along! 

Today's prompt is :: Adore

Sleep couldn't come. By the mere light of my lantern, I had stumbled to my abode, my heart racing and feeling ready to burst.  As I lay there, wide awake, in the night - my head to the pillow - my thoughts filtering back to that dusty stall.  My heart still in that process of preparing to receive this Heavensent Wonder!!
How was it that one could feel so much... for another?
He was just a baby!
His Mother, a wee thing herself.  So winsome and wise; one confident beyond her years.  Her whispered story, that night, had held for me my own moment of wonder.
I thought back to that night... while I was bending low.  She had begged me to stay.  I remembered I  had felt so unsure; positive I was intruding, in this moment.  I remembered the tears falling..

Even now...they trickled down my cheek ...

The awe I had felt, that night, in my soul just couldn't be contained. Humbly, the tears fell freely on to this baby's adorable little feet.  Embarrassed, a bit...the only thing I could think to quickly wipe them away was a lock of my chestnut brown.
Even, this didn't awaken the sleeping child.  But the peace-filled smile that broke onto the delicate corners of his sweet reverent face filled the stable room.

I remember that... so distinctly.  So surreal...
It's what babies do, don't they?  They melt you in ways you never think possible...

Oh, how I adored HIM! and I didn't even know why... I didn't understand.

And then...
Then there was that ruckus and shuffling outside the stable.  Mary and I looked up in a simultaneous glance - as Joseph rose, too, from his corner nap!  We heard the hurried murmuring of voices and saw three lone figures shoving their way into the stoop of a doorway.. their presence though large didn't diminish the sacredness of the moment held close before.

Their joy and excitement spilled out at once as the three began tripping over their words.  They straightened up, looking all demure..as if their regalness would entirely excuse their humanness.  Their gifts shaking in hand...
"We have seen this star, in the East!  We are come to worship HIM!"
I sighed with relief...
Their adoration of this Child - humbled me all over again.
I was undone.

I wondered about the InnKeeper.. Had he ever come to see this Christ Child?  How many others, perhaps, filed by - after all that those Shepherds had done in spreading the news?  

I'm still (signed!) One-of-the-Crowd with a job to do...I thought to myself. Rolling over - sleep came at last.. The night sounds echoed my dreams loud and clear... 

Oh Come! Let us Adore Him... come, let us adore him!!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!!


  1. You've written a beautiful story surrounding the birth of Christ. Thank you!

    You also have a very beautiful blog, visually.

    1. Thank you, so much, for coming by!! And for your sweet compliments...

      May you and yours have a Blessed Christmas!!

  2. Beverly! I have to tell you how much I loved and appreciated your story! All three parts! So creative! I am going to have my daughter read it too. She loves to write and would appreciate the way you put yourself right at Jesus' birth.

    Thank you for sharing it with us! :)


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