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Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: W. A. I. T.

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She was consumed by a single thought.
She couldn't wait for the adventure to begin.

~ Karen Kingsbury, Leaving

Years ago, I worked as a nurse assistant.  One night - while sitting with one of our little patients, long story, (I worked on pediatrics, at the time)... I had plenty of time to think and pray.  I was going through a trying time in my personal life... lots of waiting ensued.
I remember asking God - what I needed to know or learn through this...season,
and before long a few acronyms came to mind.


Wrestle against impatient thoughts.
Worry always increases tension.
What an interesting time!
Whoa! am I trusting?
Who am I trusting?
Worship Awhile Instant Time ...well-spent.
Waiting always increases trust.
Waiting always involves time.  (duh!)


Over the years since this time.  I have come back to these statements, these questions over and over and even sharing with others when or if they found themselves going through similar hard times.

Sometimes we just need to wait it out and trust in the moment of "silence" that God is molding and shaping us for HIS good.  I'm so glad He gave me these things to ponder... and for you to!
I'm glad good things take time!

Wait my daughter until you find out what happens...for the man will not rest until the matter is settled today. ~ Ruth 3:18
:: stop ::


Joining up with Kate from Heading Home for her Five Minute Friday link up.
Click the button for details for on how you can be a part.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mugs & Muffins :: Would you come - if you could?

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With one month down into the start of the New Year, It has dawned on me that I've been holding out on an idea that I've been wanting to implement for awhile and well...here we are! The saying is true: Time flies when you're having fun!
 Let's not wait any longer.  I just need to take a deep breath and give it a chance - to see what may come of it!

You all know that this is the home of the virtual Mugs & Muffins...and I know it is a post that is thoroughly enjoyed and mostly well received... for which I am grateful!  

***If you're new here, you can read HERE to learn more if you feel you don't know what this is all about!!
What if we could do this for real??
This idea (with some reservation, still) came to me one day that I should really open wide my front door and make it a true-to-life experience. An actual set aside time of "living this out"... and yet it makes me nervous-giddy to think of this.  That level of vulnerability and humility - if you know what I mean?  However, it is exciting... and if I must, I'll be the first to let you know... I still have room (a lot of room!) to grow in the realm of hospitality.
I'm a little out of practice.  And, we are called to practice... aren't we?
(Romans 12:13b)

The thing is, is that seating is limited.  I can only comfortably host 6-8 ladies at most (Okay, maybe 10, if we squish!) and childcare is limited, as well...if even available at all.  I'm still working on all the fine details - regarding the time and date, etc.  I can't decide if I would want this to be a morning, an early afternoon - over lunch for a lite lunch, or an evening. I'm leaning towards during the day; during the week!  Muffins work best in the AM - yes?

My house may not be ready, but my heart is.  Come on in!!

Obviously, this would only be open to local friends and readers on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I will inform when the space is filled...as well, please know...I will not like the idea of having to turn anyone away - due to space limitations.  AHHHH!!
What is local?  I'll let you decide what you deem as local.  If you feel 1, 3 or 6 hours away is "okay" with you - then by all means, feel welcome to come!
 However, I will say this... and this is important!!

One of the stipulations I would have is that I would have to at least "recognize" you as a regular reader/commenter on this blog and, or know your face personally.  And - any fine details (meaning travel directions and address, etc.) would only come via email... never, NEVER here on the blog!

I'm just looking for a time of sitting down and chatting it up over a cup of coffee or hot tea and literally passing around the plate of muffins (plus!!) ...sharing the pulse-rate of stories that matter ~ whatever is on our hearts for the day.  There might even be a GIVEAWAY - here, too!!  Oh, the possibilities...are endless.

Would you do me a favor?
Let me know if you would consider coming to something like this.  I am thinking of doing this sometime soon and want to know if I should take the idea and run with it, or if I should just let it go.

The next online Mugs & Muffins will be hosted on Monday, February 16th!

It is after Valentine's Day but, we'll still be having a Valentine theme with
a red & white Giveaway to go along!  I simply cannot wait...

In the meantime, I would love, LOVE to hear your thoughts regarding having an
in real life Mugs & Muffins event.  Would you come - if you could?
Thank you, so much!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter's White Quilt :: Quote

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Oh, Winter White you came to call after all, didn't you?  Yeah!!

This was Saturday...and while we could, we threaded some color into this wonderful white world!!  The girls had a blast (big brother was off to the YMCA for swim lessons).  There is more snow to come over the rest of today and into tomorrow, which most likely means little to no school!
We'll hunker down and enjoy this white blanket of snow whilst reading books, cozying up and keeping up with 'learning' activities where we can.

I love this quote, I found...sometime ago!

I wonder if the snow loves the trees and the fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quiet quilt; and perhaps it says, Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again. ~Lewis Carroll

Nothing spells comfort and cozy like a pot of simmering hot Ham and Bean Soup (yes! I'm making this again... cause it's so good )with a side of fresh from the oven homemade bread slathered in butter which melts all over the place and down the fingers...


Enjoy your family and the comforts of home!  Stay safe and be warm!!

 Until next time...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Share

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Joining with Kate @ Heading Home - for the Five Minute Friday link up. :)
This community and stretch of writing on one word for just five minutes does my heart good!
It's fun.  And you're more than welcome to join in, too!
Read HERE for more of those details on how you can be a part.

Today's word is:  Share

Do I have to share?
We hear that all the time... as kids... and even adults.  Sometimes, that is the wave of thought we go through.  Isn't it?

all of that can be challenging - especially if you're anything like me... believe it or not.

However, to share is necessary.
We need to share!

Today I had the fine privilege of sharing my day with a dear friend who recently had a new baby.

We're old friends and have lack of nothing to talk about.
We take turns going to each other's house.
Have a brunch or lunch together.
Talk books.  Exchange books and talk recipes...
Family life.
Share ideas and dreams.
Of course, playing catch up with our lives...

I always enjoy the coffee.
the conversation.
the quality of time well spent with her!

And her kids and mine are good friends now too!

In fact.  My kids will be upset to know my youngest daughter and I spent the afternoon at her/their house without sharing the day with them, too!
Unfortunately, this sort of day doesn't happen often enough.

:: stop::

Who will share life with, this weekend?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

{Bags by Bevy} Grace Amazing!

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I have one very amazing and patient Aunt - named Grace!  People tell me that I look a lot like my Aunt and, in my humble opinion, that is such a compliment to me.  I only wish I had more of her sweet disposition and her patience.  (sigh!)

Back over Thanksgiving - it was my Aunt Grace and her family who hosted the extended family's Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was then that my Aunt had asked me to bring along all that I had in stock in and from my etsy shop so she could shop...  (smile!)

Well... nothing seemed just right for her taste (which was fine, with me!!) - however, she was able to articulate an idea for what she was looking for.  So, she placed an order with me - for a classic small bag - for whenever I could get around to it.  Nice!!

I knew I would have to wait to get to it until after the holidays and she totally understood... and then we received word that my Aunt Grace was VERY, VERY sick and hospitalized.  That her condition was "life-threatening" and well.... this was such a shock to us as we had just seen her a couple of weeks ago and she was in good spirits, doing really well - we never suspected a thing! Apparently, it was a surprise for everyone...

Needless to say, It was a very scary time for her family and for all of us...for that matter.

In the meantime, she had sent me a couple of bags of buttons and some fabric that she thought might suit in my bag making and it was a win-win for both of us.  Grace was cleaning out; going through her sewing stuff... and I was able to incorporate the use some of the fabric and buttons into the making of her bag.

Good News!!

My Aunt Grace is okay.  She's home and healthy - once again, as far as I know!  I guess, she has been for most of the month of January, which is comforting.

Her bag is finished now, too!! and I'm so grateful for her patience in waiting for this bag.  Hopefully, it will be sent out to her either later today or first thing, tomorrow!!

I named her bag - Grace Amazing!!  Maybe, I should have named it  ~ Patient Grace.

:: Grace Amazing ::
classic, small bag
(made to order)

Thank you, for sneaking a peak into my etsy shop, at your leisure, and for thinking of me - should you need a gift for yourself or loved one!  Let me know - how I can help!

I appreciate it - greatly!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter White - Where are you?

. .. .... .. ...... ... .... .. .. ..... .. . .. ... .. .. ..  . . .

I doubt I'm the only one -  keeping Christmas (err, in my case Winter!) decor up and going, am I?

I have been feeling "stuck" as to putting all away. I am working on it. Ever so SLOWLY!!
Something tells me this is the way I feel every year... that there is this struggle to return it all to its boxes.  When most of our decor is wintery - meaning, all snowmen and snowflakes and greenery... it still just feels right - that it should stay out and around a little longer.

That's on one hand... on the other.. I know it bugs my hubby to keep it up any too much longer and so, even though he don't say much, I can tell.

It's time!


I think I'm holding out for the outdoors to look as white and stay that way - as long as it did last year! - and now... I just lost all my readers with that statement.   Oops!!

So, am I the only one?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Send

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Here we are for another Five Minute Friday.  Today's prompt is Send..


The temps were just right!  COLD!!!
And, out peaked the sun.  It whispered to me... send them outside.

Skating.  errr... boot skating!

I thought about a park not too far from our house - where they've flooded an area just for that purpose.  But... hadn't  quite made up my mind.  You see...our pasture, out back, had flooded in spots and I knew they'd have fun out there but wasn't sure how much due to all the clumps of grass and weeds in the way.
Truthfully, they have only gone ice skating once in their whole lives and that was to an actual ice-rink... and once, out on top of our yard, on top of the snow.  That was a blast!!

So.  When they stepped foot into the warm kitchen, from a busy day at school.  I told them what I had in mind.
Don your boots, hats, scarves and gloves... we're heading out!

To the field.

To the field??!!?
Out on the ice?  That ice?

Yes.  Come on...

We probably had the best hour ever!

Mom - wherever you SEND - we will go!!

:: stop ::
A nice hot roast chicken dinner was waiting inside.  
And a fresh baked Apple Dabble Cake, to boot.
Joining up with Kate @ Heading Home for Five Minute Friday!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Song and Supper {Great is Thy Faithfulness}

.. .... ..... .... ... ... .. . ... .... ... ...... .. .. .. . . . . 
Keeping in step with my last post - I just have a simple song to share with you.  One that has been on replay in my heart and on my tongue for the past couple of days.
I wish I had more to offer... unless it is supper!!
And, I know there are folks out there who don't mind a dinner idea every now and then.  Am I right?

But.. this is simply where my heart resides.  In the midst of His faithfulness.

Listen carefully... as Fernando Ortega sings.

As far as a hot supper meal?
How about Ham and Bean Soup with a side of cornbread.

There really is no particular recipe - just a little of this and a little of that.  Here is the basic idea.

Progresso's Tuscan Chicken Broth - the whole thing of like 16 oz.
can of red Kidney beans (drained)
can of white Kidney beans (drained)
2 medium potatoes, diced
2 carrots, small dices
celery, diced
handful of dried parsley
smoked ham (with some bone) pieces (leftover from another meal...)

Let simmer, all together, for a couple of hours.  Scoop out the ham bone... and serve with a side of cornbread.  ENJOY!!

It looks pretty, doesn't it?  Well, it tastes even better - especially when everyone is hungry and it's a cold night out doors

Monday, January 12, 2015

Unity in Snowflakes, with Him and with Each Other

. ... . ... ... .. . . .... . . ... ... ... .. ........ .. . . .

Oh, my thoughts are running in a million different directions - tonight!  And, these photos are from a previous, earlier snow - although we did have a two-hour delay (with our local school district) due to an ice storm, this morning, somehow these photos seem to fit my mood and my thoughts for this evening.

They're peaceful. And, peace is something I long for.  I pray for.  I pray for peace to fill our hearts and our home - each and every day.  God's peace!
It falls gentle...and I desperately need HIS presence.  Every. Single. Day.

This morning, at the breakfast table, I was going over some Bible verses with my two (older) kiddos - it was their Sunday School memory verses.  We were reading from and they are currently memorizing Psalm 139:1-8.

Oh Lord, you have searched me and known me...

I'm thankful for this tonight.  I'm glad ...HE knows my rising and my falling.  He knows my thoughts from afar and is acquainted with all my ways.

He hems me in...
behind and before.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me...I cannot attain it.  (I'm paraphrasing, as I quote from memory, myself..)
It made me think of this post from like, literally, two years ago. Probably, because of the magnet (and what it says...) used to hold their memory verses to the fridge.   I went back looking for this post - and was blessed by my own thoughts, my own typed words, even back then.  Yes!  Even my own writings can minister encouragement to me, myself and I from time to time.  Imagine that?


The gist of that post was how prayer is so vital and coming in our brokenness is really the way that HE wants us to come... so that he can hold us; carry us, the best!

And - then.  My thoughts went towards the shifting of sand - and what that can feel like under our feet.  Sometimes that is all we think we feel - unless we know our feet our standing solid on the ROCK.  Christ Jesus!

Relationships...earthly relationships... change. They are that sand.  Ever changing. Ever shifting.  It's natural.  But, Jesus' love for us changes NEVER!! He's there!! Isn't that something to ponder, tonight?  Relationships are fragile.  And yet, when we're with Christ... our union with Him... is something strong and lasting.

One that can be trusted.

It's sure.  There is a steadfastness that cannot be thwarted.

Recently, I heard a sermon illustration that referred to snowflakes to prove a point on unity...and this quote was used!!  Talk about spot on.

Hence, the photos of snow- here tonight!  And, once again... what a thought to consider this evening.

Unified with Christ - and with one another - can do a lot more lasting good than swinging it all alone. One snowflake - by itself - might look unique and all pretty - but it's just that.  It doesn't do a whole lot by itself.  We'd probably miss to seeing it - if they're were only one to look for!  But, a whole bunch of them?  Now - that changes everything...

We need one another....to do any good.  To have any impact on one another.

So -in trying to tie this all in with my kids and our verses this morning ... the conversation shifted to how we are team.

We need to work together!! Be together.  Do life together!  Stick together.  Like a bunch of snowflakes...


And - when this happens... there is peace in our hearts and home!!  And, this when and why I'm so grateful that I'm with HIM!!  In a secure HOLD and on a firm foundation - is where I stand.

Until next time...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Welcome

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Today, I'm joining up with Kate from Heading Home for another round, another year, of Five Minute Friday posts.  Ones where you scratch out your thoughts in the span of five minutes.  It's challenging. It's a stretch.  It's fun.  Quite frankly, some days - five minutes is all I've got.  Some days, I take liberty and give a little more.  Whichever the case... it means give it all you've got.  Not perfect.  Just raw and real.

Kate says, everyone is welcome to join in.  See her link, above, or click on the button for details on how you can be a part of this awesome community.

Today's prompt is : Welcome!

: Go:

One of my most favorite of words.

One I like to think I use well.

One - as in of today, in all honesty - it's been the hardest one to live out.

To be full of welcome.

Welcome.  Period.

There are so many directions I could take with this word.  And - one I have talked about a lot in the past.  Especially, here, in these 31 days.  One post in particular.

Today, I sent my son off to school with a pair of baby shoes.  For his teacher.  To welcome her new baby girl.  I was glad to do that.  But... to live out a welcoming spirit wasn't easy with littles (my children) who pushed me to the very limit I have ever known?  Now. That was a challenge!!

The dichotomy of it all.   They are the ones who should see and know my most giving of WELCOME!

(deep sigh!)

what a hard word, today.


Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

things that please

. ... .... ... ... .. .. ... ... ... ... .... ... ..... ... . . . . .. .

Enjoying the bitter cold of the early morning.  Seeing my hubby head out for work and the ring of snow around the moon. Those snowflakes that fell...yesterday
The little surprises that like to hang out around the mailbox...
The snowprint surprises along the way and back.

Here's to a wonderful day!!

You'd think cozy - at home- means more than Spam sandwiches and boxed Mac and Cheese...
But, sometimes its all in how Mama's please.

Have a great night!

Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Christmas - There's SNOW place like home.

.. .. ... .... .... .... ... ..... ... .... .. ... .. .. .... . .
Going back a few days - let's revisit our Christmas Day and the ones surrounding it. 

You know the idea, that saying of Catching the Christmas Spirit?  Well, I was thinking to myself the other day how much I was "really feeling it" or just "getting into it" - when all of a sudden, I realized that all the fanfare and celebration is finished.  Done!  Over.  And well... for a moment... I was sad!

The children headed back to school, today, and while I am ready to enjoy what is so-called normal again... I'm going to miss this season!  It really was a good week off , over Christmas.
We had company - my family - for a meal both Christmas Day and on New Year's Day!
And though that was rather unexpected - the NYD meal - it went really well and was lots of fun.
As mentioned, here, I needed to flexible in order for it to fly... and fly it did!!
Quite well... after all.  Again, just not as I anticipated.

The rest of this post will be full of photos...if that's okay?
You'll see... that... I've been having fun with one of my gifts.  :)

My favorite gift on Christmas Day.  
Caleb painted this plate for me, in school and could barely contain himself leading up to Christmas - he couldn't wait for me to open his gift. :)  He was cute and would keep dropping hints...
It's round.
It could break.
There is this snowman...
and then he'd catch himself.  

My next most favorite gift is that my youngest daughter has pretty much mastered the "potty-training" saga.  We're there!!

My babies are growing up!!  ((sigh))

When I asked my husband, Scott, what he would like for Christmas, he said "nothing".  So, I made him a jar of "nothing" with a few laughs tucked inside.  He loves Snickers candy...
Some of my immediate family and friends on Christmas Day, evening!!!
Out with the old...
In with the new!!
Here are a few random photos - a couple taken out of my kitchen window...across the way!! With my new camera, of course!!

And, then Grandma Susie came (from NY!) for a few days, over New Year's and it was Christmas all over again!!

OH NO!!  A remote controlled flying helicopter for indoors only...

And there's no place like home for the holiday...

With my family....one of the favorite things we did over Christmas - actually, on Christmas Night - except, that we didn't get any photos of this, was to go outdoors - under the stars - and carol, over the meadow and across the way as long and loud and clear as we could sing.
I don't think it was our imagination.  We thought we could see random back door porch lights coming on and folks stepping outdoors onto their back porches and decks.  What fun to sing the Good News - and wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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