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Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Christmas - There's SNOW place like home.

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Going back a few days - let's revisit our Christmas Day and the ones surrounding it. 

You know the idea, that saying of Catching the Christmas Spirit?  Well, I was thinking to myself the other day how much I was "really feeling it" or just "getting into it" - when all of a sudden, I realized that all the fanfare and celebration is finished.  Done!  Over.  And well... for a moment... I was sad!

The children headed back to school, today, and while I am ready to enjoy what is so-called normal again... I'm going to miss this season!  It really was a good week off , over Christmas.
We had company - my family - for a meal both Christmas Day and on New Year's Day!
And though that was rather unexpected - the NYD meal - it went really well and was lots of fun.
As mentioned, here, I needed to flexible in order for it to fly... and fly it did!!
Quite well... after all.  Again, just not as I anticipated.

The rest of this post will be full of photos...if that's okay?
You'll see... that... I've been having fun with one of my gifts.  :)

My favorite gift on Christmas Day.  
Caleb painted this plate for me, in school and could barely contain himself leading up to Christmas - he couldn't wait for me to open his gift. :)  He was cute and would keep dropping hints...
It's round.
It could break.
There is this snowman...
and then he'd catch himself.  

My next most favorite gift is that my youngest daughter has pretty much mastered the "potty-training" saga.  We're there!!

My babies are growing up!!  ((sigh))

When I asked my husband, Scott, what he would like for Christmas, he said "nothing".  So, I made him a jar of "nothing" with a few laughs tucked inside.  He loves Snickers candy...
Some of my immediate family and friends on Christmas Day, evening!!!
Out with the old...
In with the new!!
Here are a few random photos - a couple taken out of my kitchen window...across the way!! With my new camera, of course!!

And, then Grandma Susie came (from NY!) for a few days, over New Year's and it was Christmas all over again!!

OH NO!!  A remote controlled flying helicopter for indoors only...

And there's no place like home for the holiday...

With my family....one of the favorite things we did over Christmas - actually, on Christmas Night - except, that we didn't get any photos of this, was to go outdoors - under the stars - and carol, over the meadow and across the way as long and loud and clear as we could sing.
I don't think it was our imagination.  We thought we could see random back door porch lights coming on and folks stepping outdoors onto their back porches and decks.  What fun to sing the Good News - and wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


  1. I'm so glad you all had a Blessed Christmas and New Year! Your pictures are lovely~~I always enjoy them!
    Have fun with the new camera!

  2. Hi Bevy!
    Love the new camera!! I know you'll be posting some awesome pictures.
    Aubrey defiantly takes after your side of the family! Caleb is so precious. He wanted to please you and he did! I really like the last picture, Jayne cuddled up next to Grandma.

    But what touched my heart the most was, your caroling party across the meadow.
    That is a great memory maker.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend time with family and such delightful gifts.

  4. Your mama looks as good as ever!

    Sarah C

  5. What a blessing to be able to share such goodness... loved all the photos and I can only imagine how beautiful the sound of carols over the fields.. and to see porch lights coming all aglow... Now that is special... I have to comment on one to the pics... it brought a memory back for me... the pic with the birds... its so funny to see because when my children were small we went to our annual firework show and we were early so we could get a good view, while waiting birds started flying in and landing on the power lines right beside us.. my kids asked why are they all together and out of the blue my daughter explained they were waiting for school to start... One bird was all alone and she said she was the teacher... I laughed so hard because you would have thought she would have said something like they came to watch the fireworks, but it was all about school... Miss those days... but life happens... thanks for letting me share as always... Bless you friend and Enjoy that new TOY aka Camera... :)

  6. Lovely post, dear.. I love the idea of singing carols like that.. There just is not anything like family..
    God bless.xo

  7. This is like, my favourite post EVER!!! I LOVE the peek into your Christmas time - I don't think you've ever shared so many personal photos - and speaking of photos - LOVELY!!! I think you are going to have fun with your new camera!! I can see a difference already!!!!!
    Impromptu meals can be stressful but I find I like that better - less pressure more just, enjoyment! So though it can be 'harry' to provide on the fly, I usual think those are the best meals! I'm glad you had a good Christmas break - we did too!! And your carol idea is great!
    Oh and Dave loves Snickers too! lol! :D

  8. Thank you for your pictures!! I've missed those faces...

    Looks like a fun couple of days! I will miss this short break as well. We "went back to school" today too. Now I miss it even more! : )

    Love the new camera - and that was a brilliant "nothing" idea. What a full and happy house over the holiday. And singing in the fields... sigh...

    Your new camera will be well used I am sure - the magic you made with the old one was amazing. Can't wait to see what you can do with this toy. And in that last picture - Jayne. Oh my. Stop her from growing up please? I mean the potty training thing is great, but why does she look like she is 12 in that picture!!!! Her poise, her expression - priceless. Of course, all your kids are beautiful - just sayin'!

    1. Oh Kristy... how good to hear your voice on here, again!! I've missed you!!! :)
      Yes, this camera. It's been fun "learning" and while it's an all around better camera - I hope I will be stretched even more in using it. So, that photo of Jayne. I was "playing around" with the camera - just opened it. Scott had it already charged and ready to use out of the shoot. And - while attempting to take a different pose of her, she turned fully into the frame and it was completely taken "by mistake"... as a surprise!! I love this photo of her and you're right. She looks way too old on this photo. I tell everyone she's 3 going on 13 - as it is.

      Can't wait to see you and yours in real life - here soon!!
      Enjoy your day!

  9. Loved this post, Bev!

    Great Thank you notes from the kids - so sweet! We need to let the kids skype with one another so they don't lose touch.

  10. Such lovely pictures shared of memories to be tucked away for days when you need them most. Thanks so much for sharing them with us, Bevy.


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