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Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Send

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Here we are for another Five Minute Friday.  Today's prompt is Send..


The temps were just right!  COLD!!!
And, out peaked the sun.  It whispered to me... send them outside.

Skating.  errr... boot skating!

I thought about a park not too far from our house - where they've flooded an area just for that purpose.  But... hadn't  quite made up my mind.  You see...our pasture, out back, had flooded in spots and I knew they'd have fun out there but wasn't sure how much due to all the clumps of grass and weeds in the way.
Truthfully, they have only gone ice skating once in their whole lives and that was to an actual ice-rink... and once, out on top of our yard, on top of the snow.  That was a blast!!

So.  When they stepped foot into the warm kitchen, from a busy day at school.  I told them what I had in mind.
Don your boots, hats, scarves and gloves... we're heading out!

To the field.

To the field??!!?
Out on the ice?  That ice?

Yes.  Come on...

We probably had the best hour ever!

Mom - wherever you SEND - we will go!!

:: stop ::
A nice hot roast chicken dinner was waiting inside.  
And a fresh baked Apple Dabble Cake, to boot.
Joining up with Kate @ Heading Home for Five Minute Friday!!


  1. Fun!! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Bevy and family!!

  2. Yum! I'll ice skate for chicken and apple dapple... promise!

  3. That looks like so much fun! My little ones would love to do something like that! Way to get the kids out and moving!!

  4. Smiles sent to my heart by your photos... Your kiddos are beautiful... and what fun... and to come in to a wonderful hot meal... Bless you friend... XO

  5. Wished we lived closer.......

  6. Beautiful photos. The experience and the meal both sound delicious. :-)

  7. Love the pictures. Your children are so cute. It sounds like a fund day…. and that roast chicken dinner and Apple Dapple Cake sounded so wonderful going; what a treat to come home to. Have a lovely week.

  8. Your children are beautiful, Bevy! It was evident they were having fun! Great call, Mom!


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