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Friday, January 23, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Share

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Joining with Kate @ Heading Home - for the Five Minute Friday link up. :)
This community and stretch of writing on one word for just five minutes does my heart good!
It's fun.  And you're more than welcome to join in, too!
Read HERE for more of those details on how you can be a part.

Today's word is:  Share

Do I have to share?
We hear that all the time... as kids... and even adults.  Sometimes, that is the wave of thought we go through.  Isn't it?

all of that can be challenging - especially if you're anything like me... believe it or not.

However, to share is necessary.
We need to share!

Today I had the fine privilege of sharing my day with a dear friend who recently had a new baby.

We're old friends and have lack of nothing to talk about.
We take turns going to each other's house.
Have a brunch or lunch together.
Talk books.  Exchange books and talk recipes...
Family life.
Share ideas and dreams.
Of course, playing catch up with our lives...

I always enjoy the coffee.
the conversation.
the quality of time well spent with her!

And her kids and mine are good friends now too!

In fact.  My kids will be upset to know my youngest daughter and I spent the afternoon at her/their house without sharing the day with them, too!
Unfortunately, this sort of day doesn't happen often enough.

:: stop::

Who will share life with, this weekend?


  1. You had a lovely time it sounds like. It is wonderful to have friends to share life.

  2. You had a lovely time it sounds like. It is wonderful to have friends to share life.

  3. Your so right, sometimes we just do not want to share. However, God made us to share and have community. I am glad to hear you had such a nice visit with your friend and her new baby.

  4. Glad you had a nice time sharing with your friend . Thanks for sharing that with us . Have a good weekend !

  5. Coffee and conversation is a wonderful way to share! If we include some chocolate, then it is a heavenly way to share :) Have a wonderful weekend Bevy!

  6. That sweet time of fellowship spent together between two friends...what could be better! And isn't it just wonderful to have a friend whom you share so much of life with...even if it isn't often?

    Oh...and that plate that is holding the goodies? I have four just like that...my mother-in-law passed them on to me probably 25 years ago...some she went to housekeeping with! :)

    Hugs to you, sweet Bevy.

  7. I'm sharing with close friends this weekend (and coming week) that we are moving!
    This has been hard to do because I love my friends. Moving away and leaving them will be hard.

    So, I guess I'm sharing with you too! So if any of my blogging friends read your blog, they know now. (unless they don't read comments, which I always do).

    Sharing....great word to share...

    1. Oh blessings to you in your transition time!! That's hard!! I would love to hope that it is closer this a way!!

      Let me know of your new mailing address - in due time!


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