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Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Welcome

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Today, I'm joining up with Kate from Heading Home for another round, another year, of Five Minute Friday posts.  Ones where you scratch out your thoughts in the span of five minutes.  It's challenging. It's a stretch.  It's fun.  Quite frankly, some days - five minutes is all I've got.  Some days, I take liberty and give a little more.  Whichever the case... it means give it all you've got.  Not perfect.  Just raw and real.

Kate says, everyone is welcome to join in.  See her link, above, or click on the button for details on how you can be a part of this awesome community.

Today's prompt is : Welcome!

: Go:

One of my most favorite of words.

One I like to think I use well.

One - as in of today, in all honesty - it's been the hardest one to live out.

To be full of welcome.

Welcome.  Period.

There are so many directions I could take with this word.  And - one I have talked about a lot in the past.  Especially, here, in these 31 days.  One post in particular.

Today, I sent my son off to school with a pair of baby shoes.  For his teacher.  To welcome her new baby girl.  I was glad to do that.  But... to live out a welcoming spirit wasn't easy with littles (my children) who pushed me to the very limit I have ever known?  Now. That was a challenge!!

The dichotomy of it all.   They are the ones who should see and know my most giving of WELCOME!

(deep sigh!)

what a hard word, today.


Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I'm stopping by to visited because I linked up on the FMF post immediately after you. Those baby shoes are adorable and I love what you wrote. The fact that you are even thinking about how you are living "welcome" in front of your children speaks volumes and I commend you! Ironically, I wrote today about the "welcome" I saw personified in my grandmother when I was a child.

  2. Dearest Bevy,

    I agree with Melissa...the fact that you are even thing about how you are living "welcome" in front of your children speaks volumes. I also commend you for that.

    LOVE the baby shoes! You have such talent, my friend.


  3. Gorgeous words and shoes! Yes, as mom's we often struggle to live out welcome to those we are closest to, but thank goodness of grace and God's grace most of all. Pour it out to Him, Bevy. He knows and He is ever so gracious. Don't let guilt override you instead soak in God's love and grace for you. It will give you such peace and strength to go through your days.


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