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Monday, January 12, 2015

Unity in Snowflakes, with Him and with Each Other

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Oh, my thoughts are running in a million different directions - tonight!  And, these photos are from a previous, earlier snow - although we did have a two-hour delay (with our local school district) due to an ice storm, this morning, somehow these photos seem to fit my mood and my thoughts for this evening.

They're peaceful. And, peace is something I long for.  I pray for.  I pray for peace to fill our hearts and our home - each and every day.  God's peace!
It falls gentle...and I desperately need HIS presence.  Every. Single. Day.

This morning, at the breakfast table, I was going over some Bible verses with my two (older) kiddos - it was their Sunday School memory verses.  We were reading from and they are currently memorizing Psalm 139:1-8.

Oh Lord, you have searched me and known me...

I'm thankful for this tonight.  I'm glad ...HE knows my rising and my falling.  He knows my thoughts from afar and is acquainted with all my ways.

He hems me in...
behind and before.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me...I cannot attain it.  (I'm paraphrasing, as I quote from memory, myself..)
It made me think of this post from like, literally, two years ago. Probably, because of the magnet (and what it says...) used to hold their memory verses to the fridge.   I went back looking for this post - and was blessed by my own thoughts, my own typed words, even back then.  Yes!  Even my own writings can minister encouragement to me, myself and I from time to time.  Imagine that?


The gist of that post was how prayer is so vital and coming in our brokenness is really the way that HE wants us to come... so that he can hold us; carry us, the best!

And - then.  My thoughts went towards the shifting of sand - and what that can feel like under our feet.  Sometimes that is all we think we feel - unless we know our feet our standing solid on the ROCK.  Christ Jesus!

Relationships...earthly relationships... change. They are that sand.  Ever changing. Ever shifting.  It's natural.  But, Jesus' love for us changes NEVER!! He's there!! Isn't that something to ponder, tonight?  Relationships are fragile.  And yet, when we're with Christ... our union with Him... is something strong and lasting.

One that can be trusted.

It's sure.  There is a steadfastness that cannot be thwarted.

Recently, I heard a sermon illustration that referred to snowflakes to prove a point on unity...and this quote was used!!  Talk about spot on.

Hence, the photos of snow- here tonight!  And, once again... what a thought to consider this evening.

Unified with Christ - and with one another - can do a lot more lasting good than swinging it all alone. One snowflake - by itself - might look unique and all pretty - but it's just that.  It doesn't do a whole lot by itself.  We'd probably miss to seeing it - if they're were only one to look for!  But, a whole bunch of them?  Now - that changes everything...

We need one another....to do any good.  To have any impact on one another.

So -in trying to tie this all in with my kids and our verses this morning ... the conversation shifted to how we are team.

We need to work together!! Be together.  Do life together!  Stick together.  Like a bunch of snowflakes...


And - when this happens... there is peace in our hearts and home!!  And, this when and why I'm so grateful that I'm with HIM!!  In a secure HOLD and on a firm foundation - is where I stand.

Until next time...


  1. Unity is absolutely wonderful in relationships, in fellowship with other Christians, all the time. I love the illustration you used because it makes the picture so clear. Thank you, Bevy.

  2. Unity, wow a powerful thing... and how it has such an impact on us daily... I have found trying to go things alone isn't easy and at times it actually makes things so much harder.. Such a wonderful reminder... Thanks for sharing...XO

  3. I have never quite thought about it in that way before interesting using the snow for a visual of it but so right the relationships we have now are the sand and we do all need to work together as a team, family and let Him be our rock and solid ground.


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