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Monday, February 23, 2015

{Quotes to Ponder} Never Cease to Praise

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 God is as great in minuteness as He is in magnitude. ~ Unknown

I don't know about you - but I never tire of paying attention to the small details of nature... nor do I tire of pointing them out to my children.
 Simple shadows.  Some are blue, most are grey...
 Look at those glistening icy branches!

A little bit of heaven, here on earth... wouldn't you say?
 His glories are displayed for all to see...

Our God is so big! So intricate, so detailed...
It's amazing... and yet with what He forms and master plans and paints - why, who needs an art gallery?

I found another quote that pretty much says this same thing.

Art gallery?  Who needs it?
Look up at the swirling silver-lined clouds in the magnificent blue sky or at the silently blazing starts at midnight.  How could indoor art be anymore masterfully created than God's museum of nature? ~ Grey Livingston
As we grow in our capacities to discover the joys that God has placed in our lives, life becomes a glorious experience of discovering His endless wonders.  ~ Unknown

I know I share a lot of quotes... and I feel I repeat myself sometimes in my thoughts, but I never want to cease to bring Him praise.
How about you?  Are you slowing and savoring the gentle quiet reminders of His beauty?  Sometimes, in all honesty, we're ready for the next thing, and the next.  (ahem! Spring is coming...) but,,, in the meantime - this where we are.  This season - where we've been called to walk through.
Let's enjoy it while it lasts... and praise Him for the way He works His wonders into our world.

I think it's beautiful!


  1. Bevy, Such a great reminder and so important.. People search for years to find Happiness thru money, jobs and others when in all reality, God is the only thing that can give us true happiness, contentment, and it is shown to us daily if we only would slow down enough to enjoy it all.. Just thinking about taking those moments to really view an Icicle, if you let your mind focus before you know it one's stress is reduced, one's heart is filled, and it can renew you in a moment. Loved this... Icicles such a wonderful childhood memory...

  2. Your last few words really spoke to my heart. In the midst of this seemingly never ending winter I am yearning for spring, but it is still winter after all and there is much to be enjoyed and gained from it. So it is with the seasons of our life, though this season I am in may be difficult, it is the season God has me walking in right now and there is much to be gained from it and yes enjoyed

  3. Yes! My favorite time of day in winter is either dusk or dawn when the snow is like a great blue pearl and the light smooths out all wrinkles and everything is dim, yet glows. Thank you for this reminder to look and live where we are. :)


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