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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seize the moment, seize the day! {winner reveal!}

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Tuesday has come and gone, but its happenings... well, they need to be mentioned!!  Because, they are definitely noteworthy  and several things have made them so... (at least, I think so.)
And - today is my first chance of sharing these moments with you!  So, here we go!!

First off, it was...
National Random Acts of Kindness - on Tuesday!  Did you know that?  I heard about it first thing Tuesday Morning and it set the ball in motion.
Besides, the fact that it was Donut Day or it's more technical term - Fasnacht Day!

Who wouldn't want to start the day off with one of these??

Tuesday was also a Snow Day... which meant, NO SCHOOL!!
And, by and large, that meant a PERFECT day just for SLEDDING.
Our old house - growing up! with lots of changes, as far as we can tell...

Can you believe this?  My kids have never and I repeat, never, gone sledding - where they remember it (they were too young, the first time!) and so that just HAD to happen for them...

I share so many stories of myself, as a kid - growing up sledding on this particular hill and so I decided we'd go back to visit "my old" neighborhood (we asked permission - first) to use the hill for an hour or two...
You should have heard my two older kids on the ride there.
"How big is this hill?", "What's it going to be like?"  "I have butterflies", etc.
We soon arrived.
It was strange being on the other side of the fence, from where I grew up -  friends of ours (the old neighbors) still live next door (which it is their hill) and that is how we had access.

Wow... what fun!  I asked if two of my brothers would join us...they're the two big dudes you see here in these photos..
I was glad to have them along - for the ride!  So, were my kiddo's...
they love their uncles.

Oh - and I made this, first thing Tuesday morning!!
Snow Ice Cream to eat with some hot-out-of-the-oven Apple Crisp, for later in the evening!

It made the best breakfast, the next morning!!

The nap I snuck in, in the afternoon, which was totally unexpected, was the actual icing on the cake.  I guess, I needed it!!

Seize the moment, seize the day!
For the best day ever.
And, before I forget, special thanks goes out to all who participated in the Mugs & Muffins - back on Monday... the winner of the chocolate, coffee and the his & her mug cozies Giveaway is:
::Gwen K::
 I never seem to be able to comment on blogs - so I will post here! Dean and I both agree that having a common ministry is one key to a Happy Marriage. Even though our common ministry now is special needs adoption - and a part of our every day life that consumes us greatly! It is a way for us to be connected and stay connected in daily decision making that benefit and glorifies God. ~ Gwen K.

I counted up all the entries of friends that said they wanted to be included in the giveaway, including the ones from facebook and ran a random number generator. Gwen's entry was from there, on Facebook.
Please congratulate her - when you have a moment.
** Gwen, I'll get these out to you - as soon as I am able! :)

Now, I'm off to seize yet another day, and another moment!!


  1. Oh, I like that saying, Seize the Day!

    Congratulations Gwen K.

  2. Looks and sounds like all had a wonderful time ! Lovely photos ! As a kid on a farm I did a lot of sledding to and I took my kids as well when they were little ! Congrats Gwen K . Lovely post thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. That sounds like a perfect winter day!! Our house sits on a hill so we have a built in sledding hill, perfect kid size - which makes me happiest because I can send them out and keep an eye on them from the warmth of the indoors! ;) heheheh!!!


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