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Monday, March 30, 2015

breaking the silence ...

.. .. . .. . .. . . .... .. ... . . .. .... . ... ..... .. ..  .. . . ..
At least, I'm trying to anyway.
It's hard to believe that I've taken a blogging break for what has been going on for two weeks, now.  Can that be right?
 I'm also finding it hard to figure out how to break the silence... let alone improve on it.

One thing you must know...

I've been thinking about you...and that makes me smile! 

In truth... our daffodils (for this year) are just now poking their noses through the soil, though not blooming yet... and I kind of feel like that.  Like I too, am poking my nose through the hard, untouched soil (and, trust me, it's hard!) - just to see if any one is watching and waiting for me to "show up".

If you're reading this... please say "hello"!!  I miss you.
Let me know what you've been up the past couple of weeks...

We're still crazy busy around here!  Getting ready to go on a long anticipated vacation... leaving this coming Wednesday!  As well, we've been quite busy with a host of other things that have kept our/my attention elsewhere. (you can browse through my last post, to catch up on that...)

I hope to return to blogging more regularly... here shortly!  After vacay... obviously!

And - there is, for sure, one thing I must make good on!
And that is a real-live Mugs & Muffins event.
Please stay tuned...

As we wait - patiently - for the daffodils and the rest of Spring to show its full splendor... I thank you kindly for your loving and quiet patience with me!!

Until next time...


  1. Have a great vacation with your family, dear girl.. So looking forward to daffodils.. smile. xo

    1. We're headed to Canada for our family vacation and our family is meeting with Kaitlin (Homemaker Design) and her lovely little family.. and you have no idea - how much I've wished you didn't live so much further - North!! I would love to meet you, too! One day!

  2. Have a wonderful time with the family. We shall be here when you return, hopefully refreshed and full of tidbits and inspiration. Take care, go with God.

    1. Thank you - Regena... So nice to hear from you!!! I am sure - that this will be true... that I'll be or feel refreshed upon our return!!

  3. WEDNESDAY?? I thought you were leaving Thursday early?? When exactly do you plan on arriving?? ;) lol!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!

    I find blog land just so quiet...it's not only here...it's everywhere... *sigh*

    Oh and don't expect any daffodils here, we had a few flurries this morning - bring Spring with you okay!?!

    1. lol! Didn't mean to confuse you...
      We are leaving "during the night" - Wednesday night into Thursday AM... planning to go to bed early and pulling the kiddo's outta bed - throwing them over our shoulder like a sack o'potatoes - and driving the six hours straight - NORTH!!!!!!!! Canada, here we come!! Can't give you specific times... but, for the sake of sticking to a "time-frame" that the kids can accept is to say - we're leaving on Wednesday... :) Can't wait!!

  4. So I am here to say hello, and let you know I have thought about you more than you know... I missed ya... I hope you have a great time with the family and friends... and when you return please let me know I will be sending something your way... I hope you like it and don"t have one but if you do, feel free to share it with someone else... I know now I have got your thoughts really going... Trust me its a good thing... Anyway.. take care drive safe and know sometimes we all need those times of quiet... Hugs dear one..
    Oh you said share with what we have been up to... well since we have not so nice neighbors we are having to change out our entry to our porch, they use our front yard to turn around in... so we are landscaping and changing out the entry and putting in a fence... we tried to talk to them but no luck... sad thing is their drive way is in front of their home and the dead end part of our road as their driveway... just don't get it... When we moved to this location, I introduced myself to the lady and the first thing she said, was don't bother me, I don't like associating with neighbors... I respected that so we keep to ourselves, and are just quiet... sometimes its so hard to understand people.. so we are busy busy.... take care , drive safe and enjoy

    1. Oh wow!! Connie - you're the best!! We'll be back in town on or around the 7th! - Not sure when I'll actually be back on the blog - so to speak. There is going to be so much to talk about... if you've read the comments - you can see that our family is getting together with Kaitlin (Homemaker Design) - we've been "talking forever" about officially meeting sometime and well... the time has come. We're super -duper excited. Even our hubbies have chatted on the phone - from time to time and that makes it even more fun...it feels like we're old friends and now to make it official. :)

      Enjoy your landscaping! what a project, eh?

    2. Ok Bevy, have fun and enjoy... I will email you when I send the pkg.. it definitely will be after the 8th... take care

  5. Sometimes blogging breaks sneak up on us...but, they are often necessary. :) Have a lovely vacation with your family! Hugs, Camille

  6. Hope you have a wonderful vacation


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