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Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Gather

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** Joining in with this Five Minute Friday Community and today's word prompt is: gather!

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Surprised to see these icicles gathered right here in plain, eye-level sight, I pulled my kids to the bedroom window - first thing, this morning.  The sun was really bright and of course, while they enjoyed the beauty they saw, they also weren't too happy that I made them "gather" a little longer just so I could capture a few photos.  ** I know, more icicles....

I got to thinking how I can relate to this at times ... in a different way.
I balk at being told to "gather".
When our hearts aren't "into it" and it feels like a demand or a duty to be done... it's hard to enter in.  Isn't it?
It's hard to participate.  
Oh, I pray for a softened, willing heart.

I asked my kiddo's later... what it means to "gather" and if it matters?
Does it matter? and why?

One of them said, like when we gather to pray... we pray.
When we gather to sing... we sing.
When we gather to worship... we worship.
To gather always involves a purpose and a reason for that gathering to take place.
Yes! Yes! Yes!

It matters why we gather.
It matters how we gather, even more!

Most importantly... a gathering is obviously more than one in attendance.

I enjoyed those icicles... but I wanted to share what I saw, with  my kids, and enjoy the moment together.

That's why we gather.

Looking forward to gathering with a few ladies for a Book Study and Breakfast, tomorrow morning!

How about you?  Any plans this weekend that involve - gathering?

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  1. Icicles and gather...you did it!
    And so did your children, they understood!
    It made me stop and think what it means to gather.


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