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Friday, March 13, 2015

five minute friday :: plan

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My hubby uses this phrase a lot.
Plan your work, work your plan.

It's a great thing to live and abide by; holding yourself accountable to and with life, in general.
So many of us who might struggle with procrastination might need this extra bit of "advice" to keep going in the right direction.
But all of us... we all plan for things.  Many things come across our way throughout our lives.
We plan to get married.
We plan for a family.
We plan a garden, vacation or school.
Etc., etc.
All of those are good things ... and there sure are many other things we make plans for.. again, all good things... but, any and all things planned take work.

Hard work!

Scripture says -
Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed...
{Proverbs 15:22, ESV}
I've been pondering just how valuable "counsel" is and must be - as part of the plan.

If we don't have a PLAN for the plans we have, what will come of it?

The above verse - in the photo - speaks for itself.  Doesn't it?
We reap what we sow!
Look at this plant - this photo taken just two days later.  If we want this plant to grow... it requires correct positioning in sunlight... just the right amount of soil and water...etc.
Things happen... when we do the work required... even though it is really the work of something far greater in the "unseen" and the "unknown".

Two days later- from the first photo taken...

Plan to thrive?  Do you plan to do well in school?  Marriage?  Parenting?
Let's go one stage deeper...
What condition are the roots of your heart and soul?
Whose counsel are you seeking?
Any plans for that?
Joining up with Kate @ Heading Home for the Five Minute Friday link-up.  It's so great to be a part of a community where no one judges and we all take five.  Five minutes to write and be real...
all on one word topic.  Today's word prompt was PLAN.
Thanks for reading!!

May you have a wonderful weekend!!
It's in the plans, right?


  1. Bevy, this is good... I semi-plan, in my experience if I plan, get my hopes up, my plan always seems to fall through... then I get upset or hurt for a moment and vow to never plan it all the way through.. so i semi-plan. I live with a few procrastinators, and honestly it drives me crazy... I have always been a girl that tries to always get ahead, organize and semi plan.. BUT reading this post today, I had a lightbulb moment or twinge in my gut that I always left out the most important part of my planning... I failed to pray about my plan before I began... Now I wonder why it took this long for me to see what I needed... Oh my... great reminder and I love when I learn something so important.. Hugs dear girl...

  2. Visiting from FMF!

    I loved that you posed this question: "What condition are the roots of your heart and soul?"
    I ask myself that constantly! And I find myself asking it of others often over a meal or coffee. It can be hard to answer sometimes but really listening to your heart and soul can be so revealing of where you are in your spiritual journey.

  3. Visiting from FMF. Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well said friend! Much to ponder - and you got all of that down in five minutes! Nice! I like the, 'who's counsel are you seeking? Any plans for that?" part!!


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