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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: visit {Battleship NJ}

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Yes! I'm a day or two late...
No.. I'm not writing (necessarily) on one topic for five minutes...this round.  Although, I plan on throwing in a few lines of explanation or comment as I go... I know it will be way  longer than five minutes.
Yes!  I want to still be included in this link-up and I still can, as it is still open...thank you, Kate!
and Yes! as you can tell by the post's title that I did end up taking my camera on my son's Scout overnight encampment to VISIT the Battleship NJ.  Something I wasn't sure I would do - as mentioned here!!
(So, so interesting!  So glad I was invited to go along!)

We left Friday afternoon and came back early afternoon on - Saturday!
Our youngest daughter, Jayne, who didn't go with us, but instead went to Grandma's had a "BeLAST"... needless, to say...
It's wonderful to be back home and all be together again.  We've been talking about our time on the BB-62, ever since.

Enjoy the fleet of photos.. ;)
On our way  crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge!
We're headed to Camden, NJ...
Caleb standing by the bunk he chose!  One he would ultimately fall out of during the night and not remembering one bit it- upon waking up the next morning! ;)
In my opinion, these bunks were like sleeping in a coffin!  Not the best night of sleep for me, nor any of us... really!  Especially, after Caleb's incident.
 Caleb in the Brig!
Checking out the Barbershop!
Notice the steepness and shortness of step width!!

Yes!!  These are the stairs or ladders. They are literally EVERYWHERE!!!  Up and down, levels and decks.  It's of utmost necessity to have three points of contact at all times, when using these "ladders".  Ask Aubrey!!  Three points of contact.  Either, one hand and two feet - touching.  Or, One foot and two hands...while in motion.  Yeah!!!

A second rule of thumb for safety.  NO RUNNING!!  You never run on the ship...  And, as you'll read further down through this post.  You don't have to be running at all to still get hurt...

After dinner - we went on a guided tour of the ship.  We probably only scratched the surface of this "museum"... Mr. John was our personal tour guide...
I could have taken so many more photos, of this tour... I missed many, many "good ones"...
But the wax figures, that you'll see in so many of these upcoming photos, both spooked and tickled me.  It surely helped to make this tour "extra" interesting!!  We even found some that looked like people we know - in real life.  Which even made it more "fun"!!

Mr. John was wonderful and so patient with us and our questions...

This was down in the boiler room... do you see the portals (the black framed out holes)?  There rounded doorways with steps. I fist thought I was looking into mirrors... everything is so identical and symmetrical...
In this photo you can see 6 different portal/doorways... we had probably crossed through that many even before I ever took this photo.

I was saying just learning your way around this ship and having to constantly watch your head and your step ... was "crazy".
I also said... making your way around this ship gave a whole new meaning to the term :: Lost at Sea!!
(smile!)  I felt so out of the loop.

This is only half of this amazing photo...
Next.  Here we are in what is called a turret, this was No.3 of the three turrets on BB-62.

This is what I was talking about in having to watch your head and your step at all times.  Scott literally had just plunked his head hard on that white looking canister hanging from the ceiling.  Hence why he's there on his knees holding his head.  The second photo is of him looking to see what it was he hit.  I was trying too hard not to laugh... hence the blurry photos...  I suppose!  I am glad it wasn't too serious.

Just in this room alone... as I stood in one spot, looking around... I wondered just how many nuts and bolts I could see.  The thought was astounding... and this wasn't even the whole ship...

If you ever get a chance to visit something like this.  Go for it!! I would say, it certainly provided me with a whole new appreciation for the men and women who have served and are serving - as status in and of our Country's Army, Navy and Military Services.  The commitment it would take (and does!) is exemplary!  Wow!!
Again, I could have taken a thousand more photos... to capture our time.  Aubrey and I were just glad - once again - that we were invited to go along.  Even though we felt like a "fish out of water" amongst all the cub scouts and their dads!!  
Here is one last photo...
It's just me.  One tired Mama at the end of the day.  One stiff and sore Mama, too!

(thanks to one of the kiddo's who got a hold of the camera..)

I hope you enjoyed your visit!!


  1. That looks amazing! http://bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com/2015/03/visit.html

  2. What an amazing experience for your family. Thanks so much for showing the pictures. It's something I still remember doing as a child with my Dad. And, it's been a long time (remember, I ate dinner with the dinosaurs!).

  3. Bevy, Its so great that you shared all of this... Looks like fun was had.. I am sorry about Scott hitting his head, but I too, chuckled a bit (not because of hitting his head) but when he looked back to see what it was... That would be me for sure... This post was great because my hubby is a Navy man... so when I saw the Ship I asked if he had ever seen it, he said no... but he sat right beside me and read and enjoyed along.. Loved the pic of all the kids, and loved the pic of you... Take care
    I have to say WOOHOO the Sun is shining brightly here in Ky today.. hope it is for you as well... XO

  4. Meeting you from the Blessed Hearth. I don't know if I could tear up a book to make shelf liners!

    This is a terrific post. I enjoyed seeing your photos. I wonder how young Navy recruits feel the first time they board a ship!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  5. This was SOOO wonderful!! It looks like you had an amazing time - busy and cramped but amazing! ;) Poor Scott!!! :( That looked painful...and you laugh...hahahah! Great photos Bevy!!! My brother is in the Canadian Navy and once, maaaany years ago now, Dave and I got to tour one of the submarines that he worked on! That was crazy!! I got all lost too and yeah, soooo many nuts, bolts, piping, everywhere! It was CRAMPED and slightly claustrophobic!! And I'm glad your kiddo took that pic of you - makes me want to see you just that much more!! :D


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