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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lessons learned from a three year old!

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Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. ~ Isaiah 26:3 KJV

How can a three and a half year old possibly upset me so much?  Challenge me so much?  Teach me so much?  Humble me, too?

She's a sweet little girl.  A big girl - yes!!!
Yet, stubborn and strong -willed.  Silly and fun-loving.  Bossy and loud! She has to be... to keep up with everyone else in the family. :)  She was always my "easy baby", the easiest - the one whose name means Gift of God and a Father's Joy! She is just that. Absolutely!!! A beautiful gift and joy!! However...
 She's growing up so fast.  Too fast.  I tease, actually, when people ask me how old she is that I'll say she's three going on thirteen.  Inwardly, I cringe - every time those words escape my lips. Because she already is fiercely independant.  I hope this doesn't get worse or continue.
So, I fear for her.
She's three!
She still has a lot to learn about safety... and trusting.  Whom to trust in!
She sings it herself.  Stop and listen to stay safe.  Stop and listen... 
I'm not sure where she's first heard this song... but I remind her of it often - when she herself forgets..

So, the other day.  I wanted to hold her hand - while crossing an ally street and through a parking lot.
She didn't want to.
It was a fight.
There was a determined will on both parties.
Throw in the fact that people were watching... me... us...in this power struggle.  Who would win?
I felt the pressure... to be in charge (of course!) and not fail.
Fail I did.
She ripped away from me and darted out almost into the path of a very slow moving vehicle.. thankfully, it was very slow moving..
((sadly, this hasn't been the first time!))
It scared her.  It scared me.  But - I let her know that it REALLY scared me... because I need this to have an affect on her.
I say... this is WHY Mommy wants to hold your hand. Why I NEED to hold your hand!  I want to be sure you're safe.  YOU NEED TO HOLD MY HAND!  I don't yell this -but I speak them sternly as possible... and with much emphasis. I say.  I love you!  I want to keep you safe.   And, I ask... Why don't you want to hold my hand?  Don't you trust me?
(there is no verbal answer...)
I know the answer.
Will of her own.

Explaining all this to a three year old with an attention span of a gnat isn't too productive.
One of the things I've been working on, recently, with my daughter - is when there is a moment of correction that needs to happen I will ask her to place her hands in mine and we'll (try to) make eye-contact.
I really want to get to her heart.
Oh - this is a fight, too!

Open hands.  Open Heart.
For Giving.  Forgiving.

What I'm realizing is ...the lesson my daughter has been teaching me (unknowingly to her) is the same questions asked by my Heavenly Father to me.
He asks: Why don't you want to hold my hand?  I love you!  I want to keep you safe.

These days,.... one minute... I'll hear the stubborn, disturbing words of... "I don't like you - Mommy! You're so mean!".   The next minute, out of the clear blue, come some of the sweetest words you'll ever hear of ..."you're the best Mommy in the whole world".

Aren't we just the same?  We're so fickle.
We want to love!  Trust!  Obey! We can't... always. We're too fiercely independant!
Full of pride.
Self-sufficient and well... what we call a strong-will is really a strong-won't.  Isn't it?

All of us!!   We NEED Him.  We NEED to trust Him!  And, we have no idea just how much!
We also have no idea just how deep the Father's love is for us.
We have no idea just how perfect His heart is.
He never feels like a failure - because of our consistent shortcomings.  He can't.  He never fails!
I'm sure it saddens him... but He's so long-suffering, patient and full of grace!

That's why I share that verse - at the top!

I pray that my mind will stay on HIM... then, there will be perfect peace.  Peace of heart.  Peace of mind.  Peace of will.

Surrendered still.

He will KEEP me!
Safe and sure.



  1. Oh, Bevy, what a sweet post. And how full of meaning. I can see myself in this, wanting to be independent when I need the Lord to hold my hand. You have given me a lot to think about today.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Bev. I appreciated it!

    1. Hey! You're able to comment again... what happened? I'm so glad you were able to fix this...? Or, somehow, right?

      So good to hear from you again... miss you, Tracy!

  3. It happens a lot, we learn from the little ones, sometimes it's profound, like this one.

    (you are a great mother!!)

  4. Amen!! I always say, so much of parenting is not what we teach them, but what He teaches us through them! All the times I am scolding or disciplining and I hear that small voice in my head saying, "Umm, hmm, are you sure it's THEM you should be talking to?" because so often what I am disciplining them about could easily and more definitely be turn right back on me! *sigh* God is SO good to me!

    SO glad and thankful for that SLOW moving vehicle! Praise God you are all okay! ♥

  5. Isn't the Lord just so gracious with us?? What a blessing that your little girl was kept safe in that car incident. How precious it is to think that our children actually are under the protection of our Great God? I could tell a few stories about His hand being upon mine over the years....it's such a wonderful thing to know that He cares...and He keeps!! You will get through this...and, thirteen? It's actually beautiful to get to that stage with your children...with the Lord. No rush, though. Hugs, Camille


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