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Monday, March 9, 2015

Let's talk about Brownies!

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Toffee Brownie Bites - a.k.a. A Pile of Sin on a Plate!
There is a little something I want to share with you, today!!

I cannot get this little brownie story - analogy out of my mind... it's been so convicting and heart-challenging.
So I asked, and with permission from the blog author herself - I share this story with you, today, as well!!  I hope it will serve to stir something for you to think about, too!
(as quoted and shared with permission from Becky @ Farmgirl Paints. Becky's full, original post is HERE  and if you haven't read it before -- you should! 

Here are Becky's words...
Years ago I heard a story from Joyce Meyer.  She was explaining a life lesson to her kids, she said, What if I made you the richest, most moist brownie ever.  It was absolute perfection. So good you could smell it across the room!  Would you eat it?  Now, what if I put in the teeniest amount of dog poop?  Not much, just a teeny bit.  Would you still try it knowing the brownie had dog poop in it? Well of course not!!

I've never forgotten that illustration.  I filter out a lot of crap from the world, but I've let some dog poop creep in.  I need to listen to that still small voice...that ick in my stomach when I know something is sinful and wrong and turn from it.  Even if it is just a song, a movie, a magazine article etc...  We are called to be different.  To be set apart.  I'm making a decision to put down that tempting corrupt brownie.  A little is still too much...

This analogy from Joyce Meyer is really "pungent and powerful" when you think about it.   And, Becky's words could very well be my own.

It's a slow fade...

And sometimes - just by not being intentional and prayerfully careful in our lives - before we know it... the inevitable has happened.  We are through and through filled with what we know to be as down-right sin.  Easier to see in someone else... harder to detect in and of ourselves.  We need HOPE!

Because there is hope!

There is GOOD NEWS!!!

We shouldn't, we can't, stay in this guilt and condemnation. This is the good news of the Gospel!  Listen, to this...

In Christ, there is NOTHING I can do that would make you love me more and NOTHING I have done that makes you love me less!

Simple as that!!  But we still have a part to play... in being aware of the sin that so easily besets us. (Hebrews 12:1)  As Christ Followers we have every right to challenge, encourage and hold each other accountable to the faith we profess.  Let us be Faithful - to follow Jesus!

**The above quote is taken from this book:  Gospel, by JD Greer. A book our small group (with Church) is currently reading through.  Very, very good book!

And, maybe this isn't right... or you've just sworn you'll never eat another brownie again... but, just for fun - I have to share with you this delicious brownie recipe I have since dubbed as "a-pile-of-sin-on-a-plate"... they're that "wicked".  You will find the recipe ingredients listed HERE!!  In fact, in the original posting of this recipe... I included a warning!!

These are really that good! :)


I hope you hear my heart today!

Have a wonderful, week and God Bless!

until next time....

oh be careful little feet where you go...      oh be careful little eyes what you see...     oh be careful little ears what you hear...

For the Father up above is watching us with love...   Oh be Careful... little heart whom you trust.


  1. "In Christ, there is NOTHING I can do that would make you love me more and NOTHING I have done that makes you love me less!"
    That is one powerful quote!

    Yes, I heard your pounding heart.
    Great post!

    1. Thank you, Christine!! Have you ever heard of or read that book: GOSPEL, by JD Greer?

      It's amazing!!

  2. YES! That post was great, convicting and stayed with me too! I even had opportunity to use it the vary day I read it, shared it with a friend, in context even - so good! And I'm NOT looking up that recipe of yours -looks tooooo goood and I'm craving and would eat them ALL! ;)

  3. Sin does so easily beset us. *sigh* If only it wouldn't. I do hear your heart in this post. So much to think about. So easy for that little bit of dog poop to slip in. Thanks for this post.


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