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Monday, April 13, 2015

Get it in the ground!!

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Spent some time, outdoors, this lovely Spring morning - with my girlies!
These photos came later - so there are no photos of "in the moment" - with the two of them.  Unfortunatly!

But, here we are!
Hanging laundry.  And redding up the flowerbeds of last seasons dead and dried up stalks and debris.
It looked as if the clothes we were wearing were the next to go on the line.
We kinda got a little dirty!  In more ways than one...

And... we had to "hurry up" - so we wouldn't be late getting my older daughter off to school, on time!
No pressure!!  At all.  Ahem!!

Our goal was to plant a few pansies we had picked up the other day, as well as, the snap peas that Aubrey had planted a seed or two of - one Sunday in Sunday School, a couple of weeks ago.

These snaps needed to climb!!! They were not feeling too happy hanging out in the original cup (where they were first planted) - while sitting on my kitchen sill.

We needed to get these plants in the ground!

Need I tell you the buzz phrase going round and round in my heart and head - as we're outdoors together?  Need I dare tell you - I wasn't too easy to work with?  In fact, I was just a tad grumpy.  Rushed.  Impatient and well... quite frankly... rather dirty in spirit and soul.

More is Caught than Taught!

And, I don't even remember where I first heard this phrase but it's been a bugger.  On my mind...a lot.
Convicting and gripping!! 
What a reminder - so much so that I had to come indoors and add this phrase to my whiteboard.
Like, as in, immediately!  Apparently, this is a message that needs to take root...

Get it in the ground - of my very being!

The truth of, if I want my girls to understand what it means to grow in grace in godliness than I need to model this, myself.

A lot.

I need this phrase to be like all up "in my face"- in my space, as an avenue of grace!

And, yes!  Later, there were apologies and kisses of grace and goodness whispered in ears and planted on faces instead.
I hope it grabs hold... in all of our hearts!

What truths are being planted in your garden-heart, today??

Get it in the ground!  NOW!


  1. Bevy, I so get where you are in your days... I remember those times... but one must remember exactly what your phrase says... easier said than done... I still catch myself, then have to go back and say sorry.... (Why is it so stinkin hard to do?) ;) The pansy's are really pretty... Have a wonderful evening...

    psst.... arrival on Wed by noon they say... Enjoy...

  2. Yes, that phrase haunts me often too! UGH! ;) Amazing grace how sweet it is!! Just to learn it and extend it...first time *sigh*. Sanctification...tough stuff!

    OH how I wish you could have been here today - it was SUMMER!! The weather was so warm and lovely - the ground is a tad muddy still but MUCH dryer then it was!! Missing you all!

  3. Lovely post, dear Bevy and rings so true ... Such blessed days you are living with your girlies and pansies are beautiful.. Love the photo of the clothes hanging in the backgrounds.. Blessed.. xo

  4. Ah yes, a humbling reminder to say the least! Lovely photos with a true-blue message! Thank you for the encouragement today.

  5. I agree! More diffidently is caught than taught! Lovely blog you have here! :-)

  6. What a great quote. I will be adding this to my quotes and pondering on this. It is so very rich and true.


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