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Thursday, April 30, 2015

One Special Wedding Day {Justin & Kelsey}

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The last couple of weeks have been busy - helping - and readying my brother, Justin, and his girl for their 
Special Wedding Day!
Which happened to be this past Sunday - afternoon.

Lots of love, time and energy.  Not just from me - oh no!  I feel like I hardly did a thing.  But, everyone...involved.
The two Mothers (of the bride and groom)...were especially busy!
As well as many other friends and family members.

So - here, today, is just a fun filled documentary of photos trying to capture - in a sense - the joy of the day - we still hold dear - in our hearts.

The day we welcomed Kelsey into our family - as Sister (in-love)!

All photos of "bridal wreath" tucked in and around for floral displays...
Enjoy the photos!  
The first few, here, are from their Wedding Shower (a couple of weeks ago) and of a few gifts, that I made, by hand, to bless them with.

Mr, & Mrs. sign - took some tweaking and redoing for it to be just right... one of our gifts to the Bride and Groom.

Here are a few snapshots from the Rehearsal....
One handsome and nervous Ring - Bearer!

Getting ready to head to the Church, Sunday afternoon, before the Ceremony...

It was neat!!  They obviously couldn't pick just one flower girl; or ring bearer... so they included all of the nieces and both nephews as part of their special day!

My Mom (a.k.a. Grandma Rhoda) had sewn up all these little "Flower Girl" dresses.  I only helped...
A few, now, from the actual wedding ceremony... and folks... there were so many "photos" I missed... due to just sitting, wiping tears and enjoying the service.  I had the perfect seat... and still I missed so many. :)  It was a beautiful day!!

My uncle Vernon officiated the wedding!  He would by my Dad's older brother.  We really missed having my Dad here, on earth, to witness his firstborn son's wedding day!  (lots of tears...bittersweet, of course!)  I'm sure he was smiling, too!!

This first photo was taken from the "best seat" in the house...in my opinion. :)  I felt blessed!

Father and Daughter danced to Butterfly Kisses.  And the Mr. & Mrs. danced their first dance to a Frank Sinatra favorite tune.
Aubrey took this photo (and many more of these posted here, today!) - and it's one of my favs!
The Bride's Bouquet!
The remaining  photos are just a few favorite photos of the day - with really no rhyme or reason... just friends and family!!
The ultimate photo bomber - right here!!
dear friends!! and guests

One of the hymns, in the Wedding Ceremony, was sung by a trio of folks from our church - a song originally done by The Martins.
We all said - "move over Martins" - because these three just knocked it out of the park!  It was so, so beautifully sung.  The acoustics in the church were astounding!
I regret that I did not get, at least, their photo.  Nor, did I record them singing this.  Big Fail on my part.  So, we'll just have to close out this post with THE LORD'S PRAYER - sung by The Martins, instead.  Please, enjoy!!

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!!
And, boy... are they ever happy.  Let's just say - if we were to see them right about now... well... we'd never even be noticed.  There is not another soul on the earth right now!! :)  It's beautiful!!


  1. Just lovely!! ♥

    Okay so why is that one Aubrey took, your favourite one???

    1. I just love the "blur"... it's so soft and subtle. Like a memory that lingers...

    2. Ohhh! You're such a romantic artist! ;) That's how I felt about the small one of them dancing, with the same sort of blur! That was my favourite one!! :)

  2. Lovely pictures! Your mom and you did a wonderful job with the dresses~~so cute! What a beautiful day! <3

  3. Oh, I can't resist wedding photos! Everything was just beautiful and couple is so lovely! :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. loved the sign!
    and the wedding, darling!

  5. Thanks for sharing these pics! Wow, it was so good to see some of your family again! I barely remember your brothers, but I can sure see that they are Myers' all the way! :)


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