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Friday, May 1, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: door {Mugs & Muffins Winner ~ revealed}

. .. . .. .. .. .. .. ..... . ... .... ... ..... . .. . .... .. .. . ..

A decision maker.
A welcome.
A shut in the face.
A risk factor.
Not all... some.
A measure - in place.

Two sides, depict..
A surety.
Inside or out.
Which side to pick?
The reality?
A turn about.

One way or the other..
to hear - depart!
Turned away.
Knock... "step closer"
Whispers the Heart.
"Come in, to stay"!

One door and only one and yet its sides are two. I'm on the inside.
 On which side are you?


The winner for the Mugs & Muffins giveaway - will be announced some time later...today!
 Stay tuned..

Updated to add:  
The Mugs & Muffins winner is...


Thank you, for entering...the drawing...and Amanda.  I'll be getting your item of choice out to you - ASAP!  Please email me... with a specific item of your choice.


  1. Hello! I am your neighbor at FMF this week. I loved what you wrote, I'm on the inside too!! Psalm 84! Have a wonderful weekend... ALiyah (www.setapartwarrior.me)

    1. Thanks for stopping by...Aliyah. I appreciate your encouragement. And - I love the passage of Psalm 84. Thank you for the reminder... :)

      Nice meeting you!

  2. When I saw the door I started singing "One door and only one and yet its sides are two!" Imagine my surprise when I finished reading and you had the same song in mind. Thanks for this post today.

    1. OH - that's funny!! I wondered if anyone would know that little Sunday School Song!! :)


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