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Friday, May 15, 2015

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He whispered in my ear, the morning of our anniversary. 
"I'm sorry that we didn't make plans to go away - just you and I - like we once talked about we'd do..."
"That's okay", I whispered back.  "Remember - all I asked for was that we'd grow old together.  And, that maybe two porch rockers would be nice to add to our front porch!?"

Where you go... I will go.  Where you stay. I'll stay.  I will follow you.

Those phrases came to mind... as we talked long into the night - after dinner out, instead.  Just us!
We talked of the past, present and future.

Porch rockers are nice for these sorts of conversations. :)

What of the next ten years?, we ask each other.  What do we think will follow these...?

To love more. Laugh more. And, live!

And may many more heart-to-hearts come to pass as we go - this life together!
What you do, where you go - I will follow!
(just don't go too fast... stick with me)
Side by side... is best!
Joining up with Kate from Heading Home and Five Minute Friday!


  1. Loved this Bevy... and love the Rockers... I have to say, Ron and I have never had a Anniversary Getaway.. I love to read about them when couples do that.. we have always talked about it, planned it but something always came up like kids sick, parents sick, unexpected company.. work... so we usually just celebrate all the time... capture the special moments when we can... but oh how I dream of some pure alone time with my fella... In time I hope... but then I think about sleeping in my own beds, own home is so much better than a hotel... So glad you had a blessed day and sweet things were whispered together... Bless you both... Have a wonderful weekend... Keep me in your prayers I start back to school on Monday... :)

  2. Personally, I love the idea of couples connecting by rocking on the front porch have actual real conversations! Trips are nice, but building time to be together in your daily schedules is even better!

  3. Oh, how precious that image is of rocking together side-by-side! We never got away for our 10th either. We talked about it but went to dinner instead. That time to just spend together is the best part of a relationship with your husband anyway. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Bevy, happy 10th anniversary to you and yours!
    You're such a beautiful couple from the inside out and just a lovely
    family!......love your rockers...our porch is small so we have one rocker, but it is an
    old wicker and I just love it! I can just picture the two of you out there side by side on many
    an evening rocking and chatting while the children are playing about!
    ....so much to look forward to! Corinne

  5. Awwwe... Love this post... Happy Anniversary dear girl and I think those rockers are wonderful... xooxox

  6. LOVE you all!


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