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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking a bit of time to sit a spell...

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This morning was nice.

While I forgot to grab my camera in the midst of it all, imagine that?, it was sure nice to sit a spell with a couple of girl-friends (from different circles) (gals who didn't know each other, before hand...but who realized they have a couple of mutual friends and a few other commonalities...) and to share a cup of coffee and yummy breakfast-y treats. (smile!)

Share your life, and find the finest joy man can know. 
 Do not be stingy with your heart. 
Get out of yourself into the life of others, and new life 
will flow into you -- share and share alike.
~ Joseph Fort Newton

It felt good to dust off the old china and shake out a vintage tablecloth, once more...
Too bad, the cloth didn't get ironed.  But, somehow, that didn't seem to matter at all. 


  1. How nice to have your friends become friends themselves. I know you all had a good time.

  2. So just a few questions, do you know all these women? How do you get them together(send out invitations, phone calls, or just a hey come by the house for coffee)... I know strange but I would love to do this, but not sure what to talk about or how to handle getting them together... I know how I would if it was family, but friendships are a bit different.. Anyway, any input would be great... I love how you always posted about the breakfasts that you would host... so inspiring.... :)

    1. Hey Connie...I think it's simpler then you think....people just enjoy being together...BUT you have made me think...maybe I should do a post on this topic...it feels natural to me to have people in...but that must not be the same for all...just like me and math, not easy! lol!!!

    2. Hey Connie!! Great questions!! I agree... Kaitlin is right. This isn't an easy thing - for everyone. Even me. I'm being serious.

      Especially, if I haven't done it in awhile or, at best, on a regular basis. If I have this sort of thing happen - often - it gets easier and easier. (Practice hospitality!) And - folks are usually quite gracious to the rumpled tablecloth and the dusty furniture sitting behind them in the very room. ( at least, I hope so! and this has been my experience) Basically, it doesn't have to be PERFECT - just practiced. Anyway... to answer your questions more specifically. I did know these two gals. One is a friend from church... and she brought her three little girls along. One of them is my Jayne's age...and these girls are "best friends" (I wish I would have had my camera out...too cute! but, I can't do it all)

      The other is a long-time friend. We go way back. We used to work together, go to church together and her two girls are close to my Caleb's age... but, even though we live close - we have lost touch. Our lives are busy... and it's easy to take friendships for granted and so we've talked for a while now... that we really need to get together and catch up. I also asked a couple of other ladies to come and it didn't work out this round for them to come. So - like I mentioned in my post... these gals had some similarities that they both have a set of twins and also have mutual friends/acquaintances...and well... I honestly, didn't have to talk much. It was an easy flow of time and one, quite frankly, I needed. Each of them asked if they could bring something. I said "yes!" - which sometimes can be hard in my pride. I want to be the hostess with the mostess and - well... sometimes the blessing comes in the saying of Yes!.

      So - bottom line. I was the common denominator between my two friends. I had separate times of conversation with both of them - to enter into their worlds - and when I was "busy" in the kitchen, etc. they found it easy to interact, as well.

      I don't know. I hope this helps. Let me/us know if you ever give it a try. I think you'll do just fabulous and surprise yourself just fine. :) You're such a bubbly person - by what I can tell and start small...ask one or two that you know real well and see what happens. Go for it!!

    3. Thanks Bevy, I am thinking after my porch is all cozied up that I may try it... but then when I think about Kaitlins comment... Math is for me... LOL... so who knows.. I will let ya know if I ever do.. It just peaked my curiosity that they didn't really know each other. I love the idea though.. Bubbly... humm... never thought I was that but a lovely compliment... thank you... and so ya know I would definitely invite ya both..

  3. Iron?? What's iron?? ;) hahahhaha! I'm SURE no one noticed...or cared! Sounds lovely Bevy! And I'm proud of you - looks like you're keeping up your end of the challenge!! Way to go!!! That means there should be a bench re-do post coming up soon eh?!?! ;) heheheh!!!

    1. Hmmm... an iron. It's one of those things... that.... yeah! Never mind.

      LOL. I am working on my end... and I have paint samples to prove it. Now to decide between colors. Then there are the names (of colors) to help determine. Because Names matter!! :) There is, Jade Frost, Canadian Blue Sky, Silver Birch or Dusty Miller. And, I think I know which one will be the winner. I'm working on it... have to actually go and get the paint mixed first. It's a coming!!

    2. Just had a feeling... now that's a long distance connection...lol can't wait to see results...


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