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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The bloom will come!

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I {Paul} planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. ~ 1 Corinthians 3:6

After a challenging evening... (ahem!)...in mothering/parenting, and not being able to attend big brother's baseball game, the girls and I headed outdoors to enjoy the evening and the cooling of temperatures.  If you wanted to call it that?  Wow - do we ever desperately need a good soaking rain!

While outdoors, from my vantage point, sitting on the back stoop... I snapped a few photos, some really good ones, too... that by all accounts do not even say the half of what happened just minutes earlier...around the dinner table. ((sigh!))  It wasn't pretty.

If you're a mom - I know you can relate, to this.  To the battle of wills; the need to keep "your word"; to live out grace, extend forgiveness and move on.

I found a quote from Sally Clarkson - one I read, just last evening (after the kiddos were in bed), that I want to soak up and ponder on a little longer.  Maybe it was this morning...I read this.  Anyway.

Hopefully, you can join me in prayer over this.  On our knees!!

 Here it is.

The most important gift you can give your child is to help them begin a walk of faith with the God of the universe.  From the moment your children arrive in your home, you are teaching them how to see this world, what to consider important, what to seek, what to love.  As a mother, you have the opportunity to form your home and family life in such a way that God's reality comes alive to your children each day.  ~ Sally Clarkson, 10 Gifts of Wisdom

Enjoy the photos... there are quite a few.

Grandma Susie - joined us for a few moments, too!
Meet Freckles one of the "newest" to the farm!!
Aubrey making friends..

As evening settled in... I wanted to check in on the peonies to see how they're coming along.  As I was hunched down to take this closer photo. Ants and all.  My knee gave out, cracking sideways and I feel over in a heap.  Feeling more embarrassed than hurt.  Although, my knee is tight and swelling - still today!  I'm okay and walking on it...

My girls ... were right there!  Willing to dial 911 -if needed.  LOL! "No!... I said, let me stay a little longer - humbled and "down and out".  I wondered if this wasn't yet another way the LORD chose to keep me here...on my knees!

With time, in circumstance, and even a few ant-noyances... the bloom will come!!  Amen?

For more on this thought, read HERE!


  1. Beautiful pictures... Sorry about the knee, sounds like something that would happen to me... Hope it gets better... Loved all the goodness here... Your kids are so beautiful...

  2. Oh how I loved the pictures of your kids. They are getting so big. Sorry about the problems earlier. Glad they were worked out. And so very sorry about your knee. I too have bad knees so I know just what you mean. How sweet that they wanted to dial 911 for you.

  3. Beautiful photos of your beautiful little ladies!! And the one of you...it made me smile BIG!!!! :D

    I definitely want to pray that quote with you...and yet I feel so unworthy! *gulp!* That's a beautiful and challenging quote there!

  4. What a dear sweet post, Bevy... The photos are sweet, too and I know what you mean by just staying there being humbled.. I have fallen so many times.. grin... Hope your knee gets better soon and they were such words of wisdom...Sending a hug from New Brunswick..xo


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