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Monday, May 18, 2015

the theme of {my} story

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There is a song which we sing at church, every now and again, with a line of lyric that recently has captured my attention.

It talks primarily of God's faithfulness... and of it being the theme of the stories that we read throughout God's Word.

On this one particular Sunday morning - as we were singing... the thought came to my heart and mind... and immediately took me for a loop.  I struggled to keep singing... because of that so-called lump that formed in my throat.  You get those, too!  Don't you?
Granted this wasn't about me.  But the question was...

What is the theme of my story?

You see.  I have hurt a lot of people.  People have hurt me.
I am human.
I'm not fully able to deliver promises...
Keep my word 100%.
I have big goals.
Great ideas.
Good intentions.
I make suggestions.
However, I rarely ever fully follow through.
Or - I do it half-heartedly.
I just can't.
I can try - however - but is is  never enough.

This is, more often than not, the theme of my story. And, I can so quickly get stuck here.
  I'm humbled over it.
I think you know what I'm talking about.
Perhaps you can relate.

We let people down - all of the time.

But... the lyrics of this song are so vibrantly full of truth, life changing and wonderfully full Of HOPE!

Speaking of the faithfulness of our God, I want this to be the constant theme of my story.  I want HIM to be the ever-abiding source and foundation of my story.
 He never fails.  He never will.
His Word... says it.  I believe it.  And, that settles it! 

The theme of HIS story is constant. Faithful. Steadfast. True.
Doesn't it bring you to chills?  I does, me!
Peace - is more like it.

We can have deep-rooted confidence...in the ONE who goes behind us and before us.
HE IS FAITHFUL - to you and to me!!

I'm so encouraged, now, whenever I sing this song.

And - as well - the lump in my throat is now formulated more out of gratitude rather than of condemnation.  Here it is.. take a listen, if you'd like.  Be encouraged!

So - back here in the beginning of May - you might remember I attended a Women's Retreat...with quite a few ladies from our church.
The theme of the weekend was basically this...
To See like Jesus.
Have compassion - like Jesus
Act like Jesus.
All weekend - the phrase "the theme of my story" was on autopilot...on my mind.  On my heart.  Rather heavy at times.  I was encouraged... to know... God wanted this to be on the forefront of my "hearts pondering"....
Hence the photo/quote I designed at the top.
People. Friends... I fail at this all of the time.  I need a reminder!!
I can't do it.
Not in my own strength - at least.
But...I want to cling to His Faithfulness and know that HIS example of seeing; of being compassionate, and the followed-through action he lived out - be the continuing theme of my stories.

I promised a few photos of our fun time together...
The gentleman, here, was our speaker.  Richard E.  He is the father of the gal sitting next to him.  She is also the one sharing an illustration in the left bottom photo.  Great time - in these meetings!
 The material used and theme of our weekend was "See Jesus" - the content mostly taken from the book, written by Paul E. Miller - Love Walked Among Us.
What a wonderful, wonderful weekend - getaway!
Very refreshing indeed.
**On a side note:  My hubby did a fabulous job of holding down the fort and keeping home - while I was gone.  It was good to come home to the family and have the blessing of Mother's Day with all its love and sweetness... continue. :)  I'm so blessed!
I hope I made you think a little bit - today!
What is the theme of your story - could you say?


  1. Bevy, so glad you had a good time away..
    What a great post to think about... A lump in my throat has been a reminder on so many occasions. Life is hard but we must reach for the Ultimate goal, to be more like HIM... Bless you sweet girl... I love how your words resonate so much in my day to day... XO

  2. Bevy...thank you for the encouragement. Your words touched me today!!

  3. Thank-you so much for these encouraging words!

  4. LOVE this song!! always have... great reminders!

    Glad you got away for the weekend and enjoyed it!!

  5. PS - As I just took some time to listen, with tears streaming down my cheeks... I am thinking this would be a perfect theme song for our new journey. God has been faithful, He will be again... all I have need of, His hand will provide... as we move MILES away from all I have ever known, I am going to need these reminders, especially in the lonely moments!

    Thanks again, dear.


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