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Monday, May 4, 2015

These three...

.. .. .... ... ........ . .. .. ... .. ... ... ... ... ... .. . .. .
{when we all work together}

While he didn't get to play - he did get to sit in the dugout for what was the last inning, I believe... and do his best to be a good sport.

So, while I did my best to try and put these photos into some semblance of order... they still aren't.  I hope you can follow along with our "busy" weekend.  The gist of this post is just to brag on my three little "blessings"!  and to say wow - we did it.  Especially when we willing choose to all work together. :)
Coming off of yet another very, VERY busy weekend.  Last weekend was this special occasion and now this past weekend - we pretty much moved Scott's Mom - a.k.a. Grandma Susie - to a "just-the-right- size" apartment here in PA... to live next door to our family.
Can I just say... OUR KIDS...were amazing!!

We left the house around 4 AM -on Saturday morning. Arrived in NY around 6:30 AM. Loaded up a moving truck, and our van, with all her things and turned right around and headed for home.. arriving around 12:30- 1:00pm.  Almost in time for Caleb's baseball game.   (We actually missed it... sad for him.. but we really tried hard to make it.  We arrived just in time to give his teammates a "root" and a cheer... and that was the end of game.)  We live only a mile or two from where the game was being played and headed for home to begin the arduous task of unloading the moving truck.  Around 4pm.. we stopped - just to "unwind".  Give the kids baths, grab a bite to eat (pizza ordered in) and then Scott and I headed to one of these meetings.
 ((It was so super interesting and I'm super excited to get on board with this.. anyway.))
My brother, Nate, came over to watch the kids for us... and get them to bed.


Sunday... wasn't much different.
Obviously, we attended Service... but, Scott and I were asked to fill in as substitute teachers for one of the Children Ministry Classes.  Can't remember ever being in charge of teaching a whole class - only "helping" with one... so that was something completely needing to be covered in prayer and well... truthfully... it went really well. 
Only to come back home and pick up where we left off. And that was to FINISH UNLOADING the moving truck.  Our "big" red wagon was a God-send - and I think that helped to keep the kids interested in sticking to it!!
We wrapped things up around 3pm.

The truck got cleaned out.

Didn't get too many photos of this part... but Caleb was having fun - being in charge of opening and closing the truck's large door and manning it's latching system.  Helping with the gangplank, etc.
Gave my  two"boys" their haircuts... out on the front porch. :) love that...
Grabbed a couple of showers.

And by 4pm... Scott was out the door to attend a Scouting Ceremony for a young man who earned his Eagle Scout - the highest honor you can achieve in Scouting!
After he returned home from that...
we needed to return the rental (moving truck)  and we decided to grab some WAWA hoagies, on the way home... and have a picnic supper at a local park.
It was a perfect evening.

Again... these three.  Our kids!  Wow!  What troopers!!!
They did so great all weekend..
helping to... Load & Unload etc.

 A couple of the items that came along with Grandma's things... were these two dolls that were supposed to be given at a later date... but, apparently they couldn't wait to be played with. :)
Oh .. my girls are having the time of their lives with these dolls.  As you can tell by these photos.

A night at the park was just what we needed - for everyone.  At the end of the day there was nothing like crawling into bed under the blanket of a full moon overhead.

We awoke this morning, to a beautiful day!!  Perfect wash day - and muchly needed... in playing catch up!  Sheesh!
There was nothing like three - four rounds of laundry on the line and having to get creative in getting it all to dry... or to fit on the line, notice the sides of the washbasket? ... and giving Grandma's bed some fresh clean sheets for her lovely abode.  Greatly appreciated.. I know.

What a privilege to bless.. like this.
When we all work together - how much happier we'll be!

How was your weekend?


  1. I understand all the moving part!
    But I had to say, what a blessing for Scott's mom (and I'm sure it will be for your family) to have his mother so close by. This is what Kimmy wanted for us, close by. Very biblical.

    Love, love the clothesline picture. I can almost smell those fresh sheets.

  2. First I have to say, the clothesline is beautiful.. as I looked at the colors of clothing, it spoke spring for sure.. loved it...
    Your kiddos are simply adorable.. so glad you all had a great weekend..
    Moving, ugg... such a big chore.... but such a blessing I am sure for Scott's mom ... and to have her close as well. The pic with girls and their dolls remind me so much of my Kylie at that age... Oh my goodness, time flies... Enjoy this weather, and try to rest when ya can... hugs...

  3. Wow, that really was quite a weekend. How wonderful that you were able to move Scott's Mom right next to you. We have had the privilege of living next to our Mom's for many seasons in the past twenty five years. My Mom passed away last year, and I miss her very much. My mother in law still lives near us in our Colorado house… all that is in the process of changing, and she may end up living next to my brother and sister in law, but each has those seasons, and it is so important. Loved all your pictures, and loved seeing your adorable kids. The clothesline is a thing of beauty to be sure. Have a great week, and congratulations to your mother in law on her new move.

  4. Sounds like we were having similar weekends!

  5. I was no where near that busy - wowzers!! Glad it all went so well and that you could find some sweet family time in there too!! LOVE the photos!!!!!


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