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Monday, May 11, 2015

White Bench redo

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If you don't like something, change it;
if you can't change it,
change the way you think about it.  ~ Mary Engelbreit

Hey Ladies.  Friends!  I've been given a challenge!
One of my dear friends has dared me to repaint this bench - in which, I agree. She's right! The funny thing is, is that she's never seen this bench in person...she has only heard me talk about it and my "draggin my wagon" to do something about it.  So, she's put the dare out there.  Because, she's right!
 It desperately needs a freshened up look! I've even been given a date that this makeover is due by... ha!... which we'll see about that.  lol!

Here's a little history on the bench.
I designed this one - by drawing it out on paper.  And, the husband of a friend of mine (a former co-worker - an older woman) made it for me...a long time ago.  It's a bench seat - with a storage box under the seat (inside).  Currently, it houses all my boxed up fine china.  Which, (ahem!) that too - needs a redo!  I do have another cabinet that needs "something purty" on it's shelves... 
Moving on.

The thing is, is that this bench no longer sits along this wall.  The feedsack pillow-seat is no longer being used.  And... I have no idea - EXACTLY- what color I want to paint it, especially now since the bench sits in my kitchen. 
I have always loved the white look and always will but.. I am willing to go with another color.

Martha Stewart Milk Pail (color) is one of my favs...or the Lamb's Ear color.
Or. Perhaps I need to do something a bit more on the yellow side??

Oh - decisions!!

Currently, the bench sits here... in my kitchen.
And, I agree, with my friend.  The bench needs a fresh coat of something...

Do you agree the bench needs a touch-up?
Do you agree a new color is in order?


In other news.  I have had a wonderful time at the Woman's Retreat. I was so grateful to have been able to go. And, I did take a couple of photos.  I was having too good a time to really take too many.
I also have a really, REALLY crazy week - looming large in front of me.  So, it may take a while to get anything out of me regarding the Retreat.  I will try.

This week looks like this.  In no particular order.

Family Day/Aunts and girl cousins, only! (Of those who can attend.)
School trips
Ball game - x2
(potential) Jury Duty
10 year Wedding Anniversary/Dinner with my Man!
Play date
Grocery shopping
Ladies Breakfast

So... not sure when I'll hop on back here on the blog.

Until next time.,,
Have a great week!


  1. you know I'm all over this post like a bee on honey, right?

    what a cute bench! Looks like it should go in an entry or on a porch. Where is it at in the first photo? I think I like that. and I think you should paint it whatever color makes you happy:-)

    good luck!

    1. Yup! like a bee on honey. Like, white on rice!! I hear you.

      The first photo - shows the bench in our dining room.. the bench had to go to make room for a piano. A fabulous antique piano - I might add - which was FREE! But needs some work. Scott is hopeful he can do this repair work!!

      Some day!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your retreat.. and it sure sounds like a busy week for you.. Enjoy:)
    Now for the bench... think about every season and how the color you choose will fit... or just choose something that sings to your heart... I love it..
    Idea... paint the back like an American Flag... leave the sides white.. or leave it white and inscribe a beautiful life saying on the high back... something that will be inspiring... lovely...
    like you said... Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.... Good Luck...

  3. You're too busy lady! ;) I'm glad the retreat was nice!!! Andy yeah, best get a move on, you only have a few more weeks...plus a coffee time to get in there still! muahahahah! ♥

    I was going to actually say a yellow, when I saw the bench come up - but I'm on a BIG yellow kick right now...so maybe not! But Connie there ^ amazing ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even love the American flag idea (but more faded glory style), which is funny because I'm not a fan of Americana stuff....and not if it stays in your kitchen I think.....

    But like someone else said, it will be lovely when you are through with it - it's super lovely now - I like your design!

    And to echo a few others - yes, go with what you love!!!

    Blessings on your, busy, week!! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! (in two days!)

  4. Hey there!

    I think a coat of paint and some sanding on the edges for a bit of a weathered look :) I like top center paint color, but the whole pallet is superb ;)

    I am praying you don't get jury duty--but I think you have an automatic out with a child still at home???

    Happy Anniversary...again. Love you!

  5. oh, what fun! Though I love the white, I do think a soft color would fit nicely in your kitchen, where it's current home is. I cannot wait to see what you choose!

    Best wishes on your busy week!


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