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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A simple reminder for me, myself and I - and you!!

. .. .... . .. .. ... . .. .. ... .. .. .. ... ..... .. . ... . . . .. 

How are you with this gentle reminder?  Does it help?
I know, I needed it.

May you be a blessing as you go throughout your day!
 May you feel that blessing, in return.


  1. Oh boy... it doesn't matter how old you are, this is a great reminder!
    I can create my own personal "important extras in life" moments to ponder.

  2. In my age, I have found that the smallest things in life has gave me the biggest Blessings at certain times... Although, I feel my husband and children have been the greatest Blessings of all, a small purple flower held up for me from a small beautiful child, or a kiss on my forehead from my hubby can fill my heart to the top... I know for years I was so materialistic chasing the American Dream... not anymore, its all about contentment and enjoying the Blessing of Simplicity... Awesome reminder Bevy... hugs sweet girl...


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