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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Fear. Is it good, bad - or just plain necessary?

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 "I expect you to make mistakes, because if you're not making any mistakes, you're not trying." 

I read this quote recently and was able to use it with my son - to encourage him.

I think he was finally able to understand - that to "fail" at something, even a couple of times - repeatedly - was simply quite okay!!  He has a lot of "what if" moments.  What if I do this - and this or that happens?
That kind of stuff.  We as parents are constantly assuring him... it's okay!!
In other ways and times... he's super confident, perhaps even over-confident.  And, he needs a little bit of fear put back in him....whether that is parental or reverential or whatever...in those moments he needs something!! lol. :)

Why are we full of fear when it comes to trying anything new or different?
We fear to hold on.  We fear to let go!
Why does fear have to get in the way?  Or, why does it keep us from trying even at all?
For a long time - our middle daughter - was very fearful of "new and different" situations, especially surprises!!  They would send her off...into a tizzy.  Other moments she was the bravest of all...and would oft times put her brother to shame.

(They confused us - as parents.) :)

Is fear really a bad thing?
I (personally) don't think so.

I think we're wired to have fear in us.  Fear is a necessary tool to have in our back pocket.
And, here's why I say that...
This morning... I'm grateful our youngest (almost four) called for me to come to her aid - after climbing to the top bunk.  She's never really been allowed up there - due to fear of her falling  -- on her parents' part.
She has no fear in getting up there, because she's tried it several times, but it's the return route that is always a different story.
Was I afraid for her (this time) ?  Not really.  She has to learn sooner or later.

In the moment - there was fear.  And, I'm glad she had some right then.  She needed to depend on me to help her through the motions of getting back down.

Oops, I'm out of time... my five minutes are way over and done!

I think of the time when my sister literally saved my life.
To this day, I still struggle to keep my fear of water (per say)  properly in balance.

But, here is the truth.
Our trust in our Heavenly Father perfects our fear.
This is why I like this verse in Scripture...taken from the King James...(I love the wording!)

The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.  ~ Psalm 138:8

If we KNOW whose hand we hold and Who it is that is by our side.  Fear dissipates.  It scatters and eventually settles down.  It doesn't really ever go away...because there are those times; those days when fear radically needs to be present in our life.   It's something that can be or should be, rather, tethered to the Hand that is in control.

 He just will balance, or perfect it... when it needs His touch (perfection).  Amen?

Okay... I linked up again, today, with Kate from Heading Home and her Five Minute Friday.
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If you didn't guess... today's one word prompt was: fear
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In the meantime...
Have a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day - with the man or men in your life!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Stopping by from FMF. I like your illustration of how your daughter's fear was good. It kept her from getting hurt and it prompted her to call for help. & Your quote of Ps 138:8 is perfect timing for me personally today. I just love how God works. :)

    1. Oh good!! I'm glad. I always pray and am hopeful that anything I share will help or bless at least one person. Isn't God good like that? To care... for the details of our days. No matter how big or how small. He's there!!
      Thanks for coming by and letting me know!

  2. Being a Wife and Mother has instilled the greatest fear I have ever known... and honestly, due to the fear I missed out on some wonderful times with each of them.. But..... I have learned over the years, that I can't control, change whatever will be.. what God has planned... what is meant for my journey, and their journey in this beautiful life... So little by little, I have learned to turn it over to God, and when I feel the fear creeping in on me, I pray, take a deeper breath, and whisper God here is my fear, I give it to you... and yes some days, it hits me before I even realize and those days are not so good for me... so I learned that if I failed to turn my day over to God then that is when the fear was ever more present... and one thing I whisper is I am not alone, God is with me... Such a wonderful thing to realize... Good post Bevy,.... have a wonderful weekend and wish Scott a wonderful Fathers day for me...

  3. Great post Bevy - I appreciate your thoughts! Fear is certainly something that elevated when I had children, so I am always looking for encouragement to deal with and dispel it. :) Your illustrations were great too... there is also certainly a place for fear and it's learning how to find that balance!

    Looking forward to the delicious muffin recipe coming and the guest post!

    Hope all is well in your corner - thank you for the recent card and gift - that was very kind and sweet of you all!


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