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Friday, June 5, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: gift

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You've heard the adage that says, "love isn't love until you give it away".  I would venture to say the same is true with gift giving.  Something may be given, but unless it is received - is it really a gift?
I think back to last weekend with my son's birthday celebration. 

Turning 8 years old is a pretty special age to turn.  Around here, it is highly anticipated.
(Because, that was daddy's favorite age while growing up... and so...smile!)

The giving of gifts?
Well, that too.  Highly anticipated.  This age.. it's easy to please.
For me, personally.  I confess gift-giving and the receiving of gifts isn't exactly first on the list in regards to my satisfied love language.
But for my son?  Oh yeah...
By the end of the night.  He KNEW he was loved!

And - that was gift enough right there!


NOTE!!  The post from last week - was about Caleb's birthday party!  The prompt was:  blue!  Ironically, enough. :)  I have now updated that post with photos of the birthday boy and the backyard birthday bash!

Joining up again today with Kate @ Heading Home and hostess of Five Minute Friday!!  Today the word prompt was: gift  (feel free to join in, as well... the details on how and what to do or expect can be found by clicking the button.)  As always, thank you for reading!!


  1. What a nice birthday Caleb had! It's so hard to get my mind around the fact that he's eight already. When I started reading your blog he was a little peanut!

    1. Oh, that's great, Kathy!! ;) I don't think I realized - you were a true blue "life-er" here on Treasured Up and Pondered.

      Truth is. I can't believe he's that old already - either!! The days just fly by so, so fast!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  2. I went back and looked at the birthday photos... looks like he was having a blast... About this post... I love how you shared about showing love in the form of gifts.. not sure why but I do resonate love with gifts but only from my hubby.. I have no clue why, except maybe now we don't buy for each other as much as we use so when a surprise gift is given, I sure feel the love.. no expectations... I think a just because gift is the best... loved this post really got me thinking... XO


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